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fucking-kotol KOTOL needs to respond like how fucking KOTOL does.

hubot-airtime A Hubot script to interact with an Airtime webradio API

hubot-appearin A hubot script to create chat rooms and link to them

hubot-auth Assign roles to users and restrict command access in other scripts

hubot-bikeshed A hubot script to ping and explain what bikesheding is

hubot-bitbucket-hipchat A Hubot script to receive BitBucket pull requests notifications in HipChat

hubot-bofh BOFH excuse generator for Hubot

hubot-branch-name Keeps a tally of branch names by number, i.e. 113_dead_pigeons

hubot-bropages Gets information about a command from

hubot-business-cat Hubot script that displays `business cat` images

hubot-calculator Hubot script for basic calculator functionality

hubot-chargify Hubot scripts for dealing with Chargify

hubot-chef A hubot wrapper script for chef/knife

hubot-chicken-dance Hubot script that displays one of the various chicken dances of Arrested Development characters

hubot-circleci Hubot CircleCI integration

hubot-codinglove A script for Hubot to display meme from thecodinglove and lesjoiesducode.

hubot-computerdogs A hubot plugin/scripts to get funny blog post from

hubot-cool-ascii-faces Hubot script that displays cool ascii faces

hubot-cute-me Cute images on demand

hubot-dance A hubot script to randomly dance inspired from

hubot-devops-reactions Post a random gif

hubot-devopsreactions A hubot plugin/scripts to get funny blog post from

hubot-devopsto A hubot script that does the things

hubot-dogeme Wow. Such Doge

hubot-dragonball The Dragonball Image Generator.

hubot-dynstatus A hubot script to check the RSS feed at

hubot-ehwha Provides link to Professor Farnsworth saying 'Eh wha?'

hubot-email-hashtag A hubot script that sends hashtagged messages to a specified email address.

hubot-example An example script pacakage for Hubot

hubot-explainshell A hubot script to wrap

hubot-factoid A hubot script to build a factoid library for common questions.

hubot-fliptable A hubot script to flip a table

hubot-foos A hubot script for foosball gathering.

hubot-forecastio A Hubot Script that looks up weather forcast data from with geocoding courtesy of Google Maps

hubot-fortune-ja Returns fortune information from

hubot-freshdesk A hubot script to integrate freshdesk with chat rooms.

hubot-github-repo-event-notifier Notifies about any available GitHub repo event via webhook

hubot-github-repo-webhook-notifier Notifies about any GitHub repo event available via webhook

hubot-gitlab A hubot companion for gitlab.

hubot-gmail-fetcher Hubot plugin to fetch Gmail

hubot-goal-tracker A hubot script that lets you create and track your goals

hubot-google-hangouts Adds 'hangout me' command to start a Google Hangout

hubot-graylog-transcript Log all chat messages to Graylog

hubot-greetings Hubot greets everyone with a customizable greeting.

hubot-has-no-idea Hubot script that displays `I have no idea what I'm doing` images

hubot-hatebu Hubot-scripts Returns hatena hotentory feed information from

hubot-hearthstone Look up Hearthstone cards through Hubot

hubot-heroku-deploy-notifier A hubot script that notifies of heroku app deploys

hubot-hostedgraphite Search and display graphs using Hubot.

hubot-hotbot A Hubot script for Slack to pick who makes the coffee.

hubot-humanity Hubot against humanity - a must-have hubot script for those humans coping with humanity.

hubot-humorate Comment rating system for hubot

hubot-imgapi A hubot script to interact with the Joyent Image API (IMGAPI) via or your own URL.

hubot-imgur_puns A hubot script to show imgur puns images

hubot-kakugen Hubot-scripts Returns meigenDB feed information from

hubot-leaderboard Hubot script for tracking leaderboards


hubot-mailchimp Mailchimp hubot script as an NPM package

hubot-markov Build a markov model of everything Hubot hears.

hubot-marta A utility hubot script for checking marta related information, using their open APIs.

hubot-memegen A hubot script to create funny memes based on your own image templates

hubot-mom Wow. Mom.

hubot-mute Allows channels to mute hubot (prevent him from responding to any other commands) if quiet is required

hubot-nodecopter Control a Nodecopter with Hubot

hubot-numberwang Hubot script to help with the identification of numberwang.

hubot-outofcontext Store quotes from users and repeat them back at random times

hubot-pagerduty-github PagerDuty Integration for checking who's on call, making exceptions, ack, resolve, etc.

hubot-plex A hubot script to interact with a Plex Media Server

hubot-poco South African Postal Code lookup integration with Hubot

hubot-podbaydoors HAL (i.e. hubot) cannot open the pod bay doors...

hubot-principles Gives out advise about relationships and communication

hubot-pubsub PubSub notification system for Hubot

hubot-pulsar Hubot script to deploy via Pulsar REST API

hubot-raygun Hubot & Robbie sitting in a tree...

hubot-reactgif Display random reaction gif from Imgur reaction gif archive

hubot-reaction hubotted

hubot-read-tweet Reads contents of a twitter status URL and outputs to adapter

hubot-regex Hubot script that allows users to perform s/find/replace/ regex replacements on recent messages.

hubot-retro Keep track of hubot comments

hubot-reviewer-lotto A reviewer lottery script for Hubot

hubot-schneier Random quotes from

hubot-screenhero A hubot script to help get screenhero deployed

hubot-sensors A hubot script to create and manage hubot sensors.

hubot-shakeshack A Hubot script that posts a photo of the Shake Shack cam

hubot-simpsons A Simpsons Quote and Image Generator for Hubots.

hubot-spot Control Spot from campfire.

hubot-status A simple status manager script for Hubot.

hubot-statuscake Use hubot to send StatusCake status messages to your chat room.

hubot-stews Gets today's stews from Hos Frank

hubot-stockholm-foodtrucks A Hubot script that displays the daily status of foodtrucks in Stockholm

hubot-substitute Regex substitute script for hubot

hubot-teambox A hubot script to interact with teambox

hubot-tell Hubot plugin to send a user a message the next time they are present in the room

hubot-thecat A hubot script to interact with The Cat API.

hubot-thesimpsons A hubot script to show some Simpsone quotes or images

hubot-thruk Queries Thruk for informations about Nagios status

hubot-thunderpush A hubot script for thunderpush

hubot-time-me Ask hubot location-based question about users, such as their local time.

hubot-ttc-alerts hubot script to display TTC (Toronto transit) alerts

hubot-uptimerobot A hubot script to list/add monitors for the Uptime Robot service.

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