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angular-json-human Angular directive to convert JSON into human readable table. Inspired by

cannot Easy and fun error handling, by enforcing human readable messages without compromising machine processing ability.

caterpillar-filter Filter out undesired log levels from your [Caterpillar]( logger stream

caterpillar-human Turn your [Caterpillar]( logger stream into a beautiful readable format with colors and optional debug information

dehumanize-date Parse dates in all the formats humans like to use.

faucet human-readable TAP summarizer

file-size Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies.

git-parse-human parse author and committer names from git commits

hidstream Streaming HID events in Node.js

hprotocol Streaming human readable command protocol

human-format Converts a number to/from a human readable string: `1337` ↔ `1.34kB`

husort Human-readable filesize sorter

jayschema-error-messages Normalises the crazy error objects that get returned from JaySchema

length Time lengths for humans

levn Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation - human written, concise, typed, flexible

markshow A markdown dialect, complete with basic server and showdown-based html generator.

parsedatetime A way of parsing human readable dates and timespans in Javascript.

pretty-bytes Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB

pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter

pretty-ms Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 ➔ 15d 11h 23m 20s

prettyuse format memory use for humans. uses prettysize

proquint Identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable

proquint-random-id Generate human-readable random ID's using crypto.randomBytes and proquint

simple-recaptcha Simple implementation of google's reCAPTCHA

slugify2 Module to create Human readable urls from string

vitruvia Collection of physiological, medical, bio- and neuromechanical calculations, regressions and functions

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