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accept-language HTTP Accept-Language parser for node

accept-language-parser Parse the accept-language header from a HTTP request

ajs-xgettext Extract localised text from AJS templates

angular-localize A localization module for AngularJS.

angular-translate-extractor An extractor for all the translation keys for angular-translate project

assemble-contrib-i18n Plugin for adding i18n support to Assemble projects.

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

babelfish i18n with easy syntax for node.js

bcp47 Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification

beyo-i18n Internationalisation module for Node.js with plural forms and paramater subtitutions.

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

cldr_timezones Translated timezones according to CLDR

cldr.js Simple CLDR API

cldrjs Simple CLDR API

connect-moment-i18n Creates a localized moment instance for connect/express

counterpart A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser

date-names Repository of localized month and day names

derby-i18n simple i18n support for derby

derby-lang A translation library for Derby JS.

derby-lang-fs Filesystem translation loader for Derby Lang.

derby-lang-locale Add supported languages to derby-locale.

derby-lang-session Add session support to derby-lang.

derby-neigh A translation library for Derby JS.

dust-helper-intl dust helpers for internationalization

ember-i18n Internationalization for Ember

error-js Tiny Javascript custom error library for both node and browser.

es6-template-strings Compile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6

express-locale Express middleware to determine locale

express-negotiator Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

express-translate Add simple translation support to Express

fabrica CLI bulk string substitution / i18n utility for static HTML

fire-i18n Localization expressions for fire.js

fis-parser-po intro 转换po文件为一份json文件(`key=>value`)。

fis-prepackager-js-i18n JavaScript i18n support!

flipcss Flip CSS from ltr to rtl (and vice versa).

gengo Gengo API for node

gengo-node A client for Gengo's human translation API

gettext-parser Parse and compile gettext po and mo files to/from json, nothing more, nothing less

gettextlight Lightweight GetText for Javascript

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

granula i18n tool for angular.js applications

grunt-angular-i18n-finder Find key name for Angular i18n

grunt-angular-translate Extract all the translation keys for angular-translate project

grunt-build-locale Grunt task to collect, merge and publish locale files.

grunt-checktextdomain Checks gettext function calls for missing or incorrect text domain.

grunt-ember-i18n-include This is a helper task for Ember.I18n that let you easily split your language files into several per language that are then combined using grunt.

grunt-ember-i18n-precompile This is a helper task for Ember.I18n that let you precompile your language files so it can be used on a site without the handlebars compiler loaded on the client.

grunt-i18n-abide Grunt plugin for running jsxgettext against your codebase.

grunt-i18n-csv Create internationalized files from a CSV translations file

grunt-i18n-gspreadsheet Grunt plugin to generate i18n locale files from a google spreadsheet

grunt-i18next-yaml Grunt Plugin for assembling language-separated i18next JSON output files from language-merged YAML input files

grunt-i18nfp Grunt task for i18nfp

grunt-jade-i18n Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-jade-i18n-extended Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-licktung A fork from grunt-template-runner to made i18n simple

grunt-locales Update, build, import and export locales using grunt.

grunt-merge-i18n Merge your json i18n files

grunt-multi-lang-site-generator Runs templates and i18n at grunt's compile time.

grunt-sqsp Manage & Deploy I18n-ready Squarespace Themes to different sites. Developed in conjunction with Big Human (

grunt-template-runner Runs templates and i18n at grunt's compile time.

grunt-transifex Grunt plugin for downloading translation strings from Transifex

grunt-we-ng-tpl Runs templates and i18n at grunt's compile time.

grunt-wp-i18n Internationalize WordPress themes and plugins.

grunt-xtb-generator Grunt wrapper for Java XTB generator - language file for Google Closure Library

grunt-ziey-i18n i18n template tools for grunt

gulp-translation gulp plugin to translate any plain text file

handlebars-helper-intl handlebars helpers for internationalization

handlebars-xgettext Extract strings from Handlebars source

hapi18n I18n plugin for hapi

i18n lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage

i18n-abide Express/connect module for Node i18n and l10n support

i18n-iso-countries i18n for ISO 3166-1 country codes

i18n-lor An node.js module for internationalization of string resources.

i18n-middleware I18N middleware for expressjs

i18n-node Super simple i18n library with express middleware and Mustache syntax

i18n-node-angular express routes for i18n-node-angular

i18n-service A simple node i18n service

i18n-simple Powerful, but easy to use, i18n translation for Node with support for replacement variables, plurals and gender.

i18n-strings-files Process .strings files used for localization in iOS/OSX development

i18n-yaml lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage (with yaml support)

int17 Internationalization JavaScript library

interpreter Tool for managing different language files for an application

intl Polyfill the ECMA-402 Intl API (except collation)

intl-messageformat implementation of the ECMA 402 proposal for MessageFormat

inverser Simply translate LTR-based CSS file to RTL, or the opposite. Can be both used on the server-side with Node.js, or client-side.

inverter Simply translate LTR-based CSS file to RTL, or the opposite. Can be both used on the server-side with Node.js, or client-side.

jade-i18n.js Static i18-d website generator

jed Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps

jedify jedify

jquery-continuous-calendar Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged

jquery.gettext Simple gettext library.

jsdoc-i18n-plugin A plugin for jsdoc to handle i18n translations

jspot Extracts gettext strings from Javascript files into pot files

jsxgettext Extracts gettext strings from JavaScript, EJS, Jade, Jinja and Handlebars files.

jsxgettext-recursive Recursively search and extract gettext strings

koa-i18n Lightweight simple translation middleware for koa, based on i18n-2

koa-locale Get locale variable from query, subdomain, accept-languages or cookie for koa.

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