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adafruit-i2c-lcd Node Library for using adafruit i2c rgb lcd pi plate

adafruit-i2c-pwm-driver node.js /i2c control for the Adafruit PWM servo driver

am2315 Simple async AM2315 Temp and Humidity Sensor library for Raspberry Pi

bmp085-sensor A module to interface a BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor to the raspberry pi.

mini-ph Mini Ph Module, i2c pH measurement with Raspberry Pi

mpu9150 A library to communicate with the MPU-9150 9dof chip.

pcduino A node.js module for accessing the Arduino compatible pins on the pcDuino microcontroller.

piglow javascript interface for the piglow

piglow-animations piglow-animations is an extension for piglow that adds animation capabilities

piglow-clock visualize a binary clock via the pimoroni piglow

rasp2c Node wrapper for the i2c-tools on a Raspberry PI

sensor_bmp085 A node.js-module for the BMP085 pressure and temperatur sensor

sensor_tmp006 A node.js-module for the TMP006 temperature sensor

sensor_tsl2561 A node.js-module for the TSL2561 light sensor

sensor_tsl45315 A node.js-module for the TSL45315 light sensor

sensorjs sensor framework and beyond for internt of things

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