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aws-sdk AWS SDK for JavaScript

aws2js AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

aws2js-patched AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

aws4 Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 4

awssum-amazon-iam AwsSum plugin for Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM).

ec2-instance-data recursively retrieve ec2 instance data via http.get

get-aws-creds Get AWS creds+region from a config file, process.env, or EC2 metadata, in that order.

get-iam-creds Tiny module to fetch IAM creds from IMD

greenqloud-awssum NodeJS modules for talking to Greenqloud

iamhard simply manage aws iam users, groups, and policies. a task which is unusually hard and unpleasent

node-iam Simple wrapper for using Amazon IAM API

winston-sns-iam An SNS transport that works with or without explicitly passed AWS credentials. If no credentials provided, the EC2 metadata service is called to obtain temporary IAM role-based credentials

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