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cozy-ical Cozy-Ical provides ICal Parser, Writer and Helperss

cozy-vcard Cozy-vcard provides vcard Parser and Objects

gcalfilter This filters the private ICS feed from Google Calendar based on extendedProperties

ical A tolerant, minimal icalendar parser

ical2json A simple node package to convert ical to JSON

icalevent Create an iCalEvent instance by setting limited properties and get an ics formatted string.

icsjs Pure JavaScript implementation of RFC 5545 (iCalendar).

revent An utility lib to convert a list of consecutive dates to events

rrecur Convert between RFC2445 RRULE and its JSON equivalent. Useful with rrule.js.

vcal An vCal ics parser designed to specifically handle Google's ICS private export feed, but could handle more too.

vobject iCalendar VObject Manipulation in NodeJS

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