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audio-metadata Extract metadata from audio files

decision-tree NodeJS implementation of decision tree using ID3 algorithm

eyed3 A wrapper for ID3 manipulation using eyeD3

ffmetadata Read and write media metadata using ffmpeg

id3_reader Reads and Writes ID3 tags for audio files using Javascript

id3-genre Map of ID3 "Genre" field names to byte number

id3js A modern ID3 parser written completely in JavaScript, making use of typed arrays and the HTML5 File API

id3v1-parser Simple ID3 version 1 streaming parser

id3v2-parser ID3v2 audio tag streaming parser

mediatags Tools extracting for media meta-data tags

mp3info NodeJS native bindings to mp3info.

mtags Media file tag parser

music2sql Module for reading metadata from audio files and storing it into a SQL database

musicmetadata Streaming music metadata parser for node and the browser.

musicmetadata-superjoe30 Streaming music metadata library for node, using pure Javascript.

node-ffprobe NodeJS wrapper around ffprobe

tracklist Eat folder of mp3s, receive id3 track info

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