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ares-ide A browser-based code editor and UI designer for Enyo 2 projects

atropa-ide An ide for web development using ckeditor and ace.

brackets This module integrates [Adobe Brackets]( code editor in Node.js based web applications.

c9ext Extension generator for Cloud9 IDE

chocolate A full stack Node.js web framework built using Coffeescript

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

coffeetalk a smalltalk esque class browser for coffeescript

crosstalk-ide Crosstalk Integrated Development Environment

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

filepad FilePad is a file browser and editor built with node.js, coffeecript and nowpad

fire-ide Web-based Integrated Development Environment for fire.js

firstclass The FirstClass JavaScript Platform.

goorm Cloud based Integrated Development Enviroment.

komodo-debug This package contains the bits required for debugging node.js application with Komodo IDE remotely.

moduleverse Facilitates detection, versioning, download, updating and publish of modules for the IDE.

nide Beautiful IDE for Node.js

node-mirror node.js + CodeMirror = Great IDE and Admin Tool

nodeclipse nodeclipse CLI - prepare Node.js project to be imported into Eclipse (Nodeclipse); Installer - eclipse plugin CLI installer

nodeworks Node.js IDE

nodify A web-based IDE for NodeJS applications

orion An Eclipse Orion server based on Node.js and connect.

radedit Collaborative Development Framework

stratus a web based programmer's text editor

tibet Core library for the TIBET Client/SOA Web Platform.

tualo-ide IDE written in JavaScript

umbrella9 Multi-project wrapper for local installations of Cloud9 IDE

vimdebug vim-netbeans based debugger

works Node.js IDE

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