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bundle-id Get bundle identifier from a bundle name (OS X): Safari =>

bundle-name Get bundle name from a bundle identifier (OS X): => Safari

css.escape A robust polyfill for the `CSS.escape` utility method as defined in CSSOM.

cssesc A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII-only output.

default-browser Get the default browser (OS X)

default-browser-id Get the bundle identifier of the default browser (OS X). Example:

identifier generate random javascript identifiers

identifier-identification A JavaScript prollyfill for the proposed `String.isIdentifierStart` and `String.isIdentifierPart` methods.

identify-licence Identify a license from text. Extracted from

is-url-to-anchor Check if the URL indicates an anchor of the document

label Generate easy to remember random identifiers

nid Nice clean-mouthed random id generation, without any swearing!

nuuid Unique Universal Identifier based on Entropy, Math, and Time while still being faster than uuid.

openid OpenID 1.1/2.0 library for node.js

proquint Identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable

scopedid generic identifier class with types and optional versions

set-location-hash Set the anchor portion of current URL without scrolling

shortest given an input character set, create an iterator function that returns the next shortest string available

uid-number-bands Unique ID number generator within band ranges.

uneeq Generate a unique identifier for a node process

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