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component-builder-ignore Ignore components from component build. It's helpful together with the noRequire option.

dev-null /dev/null for node streams

dotignore ignorefile/includefile matching .gitignore spec

exclusion-manager Manages a list of file or directory names (or patterns) to ignore/exclude and provides an easy to way check if a file or directory name should be ignored.

gulp-filter Filter files in a vinyl stream

gulp-grep-stream A gulp file stream filtering plugin for Gulp

ign Command line ignore file created

ignore Ignore is a manager and filter for .gitignore rules.

ignore-doc Filter filenames with .ignore documents created by users

ignorepatterns A regular expression that matches common filenames that we want to ignore

imweb web front end workflow

junk Filter out OS junk files like .DS_Store and Thumbs.db

rework-ignore-selector Ignore the given `[selectors]`.

seajs-compress compressing seajs module files by google closure compiler and ignore the keyword "require"

tarzan Package tarballs with options

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