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alleup Flexible way to resize and upload images to Amazon S3 or file system storages

assemble-image-resizer Assemble plugin that allows to resize your images

background-magick Pipe an image to ImageMagick's composite and add it to a background.

bdsm Extracts dominant colors from bottom and top parts of an image.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

beezlib The utility library for Node.js using beez projects.

cadabra A NodeJS wrapper for ImageMagick using the mogrify command line program.

caption A captioned image generator for node.js, using imagemagick libraries.

connect-thumbs Image thumbnailing middleware for Connect.

couchmagick Run ImageMagicks `convert` on CouchDB documents.

couchmagick-listen Stream changes to couchmagick-stream.

couchmagick-stream Pipe CouchDB documents through ImageMagicks convert.

crops Server for dynamically resizing images on the fly

deepzoomtools Node.js tool for converting images to Deep Zoom images (DZI).

easyimage A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js.

easyimage-flattenpng A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Allows properly convert PNGs with transparent background to other formats.

easyimage-tmpfix A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Added png flatten and fixed cropping error.

express-imageserf express component to scale and serve images from configurable storage backends

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gm-buffer A plugin for gm module, which enables simple buffering of image binary for later content-length detection.

gm-traperas GraphicsMagick for node.js

grunt-responsive-images Produce images at different sizes for responsive websites.

gulp-webp Convert images to WebP

hory hory image server

im-decode A node.js library that leverages ImageMagick to turn images into RGBA arrays (Uint8Arrays).

image-batch-resizer CLI batch image resizer

imagecolors A node module that pulls useful color information out of an image through a combination of ImageMagick color quantization algorithms and human fiddling.

imagemagick-identify-parser Parses output from the `identify` program into an object.

imagemagick-native ImageMagick's Magick++ bindings for NodeJS

imagemagick-native-2 ImageMagick's Magick++ bindings for NodeJS

imagemagick-stream Streaming Imagemagick api

imagemagick-stream2 Streaming Imagemagick api

imagemagickresizer A node library to resize images using ImageMagick

imager Easy way to resize, crop and upload images to Rackspace cloudfiles and Amazon S3

imagick A ImageMagick addon for nodejs.

imagickal Promised based wrapper for ImageMagick commands.

imagina Imagina - node.js image library wrapper of ImageMagick

jpegicc Node.js wrapper for Little CMS JpegICC

jpegorientation Tool for getting, setting and rotating jpeg images based on Exif rotation information

lazy-image An image compressing/resizing http server

magician Library for cute image manipulation. Requires ImageMagick.

mongoose-attachments Mongoose.js Attachments plugin. Supports ImageMagick styles

mongoose-attachments-aws2js S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Amazon Web Services node.js module

mongoose-attachments-knox S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Knox

mongoose-attachments-localfs Simple File System Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments

mongoose-crate Attach files to MongoDB models via Mongoose.js

mongoose-crate-imagemagick Perform imagemagick transformations on image files

node-imagemagick Updated version of node-imagemagick

panbhag-alleup Flexible way to resize and upload images to Amazon S3 or file system storages

papercut Papercut is a node package to handle image upload, resize and sync with Amazon s3

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

pixelator Pixelates images.

quickthumb On the fly, thumbnail creation middleware for express.

resizer Simple image resizer and thumbnail generator as a stream

s3img s3img is an Amazon S3 Image Processing and Uploading Tool

spritefy Command line build tool for spritesheet and css animations generation

thumbd Node.js/AWS/ImageMagick-based image thumbnailing service.

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

worker-convert CouchDB Worker which converts images using imagemagick.

worker-generate-previews CouchDB worker which generates preview images from pdfs.

worker-generate-thumbnails CouchDB Worker which generates image thumbnails.

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