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bip-pod-imgur Imgur Pod for Bipio

imgur Simple command-line uploader for

imgur-api A wrapper for the imgur API.

imgur-node-api Node implementation of the anonymous imgur api

imgur-sucker Sucks the images from imgur for a given subreddit and gives you a usable json document containing image vitals.

imgurgitate Download Imgur albums to disk. Download all of a Redditor's albums to disk.

imgurk A nodejs module that facilitates simple imgur api access for anonymously grabbing images.

impurge takes any imgur url and returns an array of direct image files

impurge-remix turn imgur urls into image urls

node-imgur A CLI tool and wrapper for the imgur API.

nodebb-plugin-imgur A Plugin that uploads images to imgur

passport-imgur Imgur API authentication strategy for Passport.

rugmi rugmi =====

usib screenshot-url-imgur-browser

voxel-share Take a snapshot of voxel.js and share on imgur/twitter

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