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array-index Invoke getter/setter functions on array-like objects

array-indexer Create indexes based on arrays of objects

array-jumper Jump forward or backward through an array by an index based on an item already in the array.

array-next Advance to the next item in the array looping when hitting the end.

bfs-tree-layout Index computations for balanced binary trees stored in BFS order

centralindex Central Index, the world's local data exchange

char-props Utility for looking up line and column of a character at a given index and vice versa

component-indexof Microsoft sucks

couchsurfer Query couchdb design documents to trigger view rebuilds

dank-map A map function that can map over almost anything.

depak JSONify debian repository index files (Releases, Packages, Sources)

does-index-exist Checks whether an index exists on a MongoDB collection

double-cycle a specialized datastructure with double indexing and queue-based entry cycling

ep_small_list Adds a list of all pads on the index-page

errati Errati is a flexible errors index for NodeJS

file-position Given a row/column number, return the index of that character within the whole string

find-insert-index Find the index to insert an element in array keeping the sort order.

findex Indexes locations of functions inside a project by the md5 hash of the function string to find them later.

fulltext-engine levelquery-engine plugin to index and perform full-text search indexing of documents in levelup/leveldb

getbypath Get data from a JSON object by path.

gkey An index of gamepad input mappings for controllers using the HTML5 gamepad API

grunt-fileindex Write index files of directory contents

grunt-injector Inject references to files into other files (think scripts and stylesheets into an html file)

grunt-list-em Grunt plugin that takes an array of files and writes them to a declared file (i.e. js files to index.html)

grunt-processhtml Process html files at build time to modify them depending on the release environment

gulp-inject A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html

idx collection of composable indexes written in javascript

indexer the indexing module used by fakedb

indexjs nice index.js files

indexof Microsoft sucks

indexof-component Microsoft sucks

inorder-tree-layout Index calculations for inorder layout of balanced binary trees

jsonquery-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with the mongodb query syntax (through the jsonquery module)

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

level-index-update A module to save a document into leveldb where the old indexes are removed in the same batch as the new ones are inserted

level-indexing level indexing and finding

level-indico Simple indexing and querying for leveldb

level-mapped-index Simple indexing for LevelUP

level-match-index Index and filter LevelDB databases and watch for future changes.

level-queryengine Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes.

level-sec High-level API for creating secondary indexes

level-secondary Secondary indexes for leveldb.

map-reduce-chained chained map reduce on leveldb

markdown-index Build a markdown table of contents for all the markdown files in a given directory tree.

module-index Includes all modules within it's directory as an export.

mongoindex Generare ensureIndex statements based on indexes read from a MongoDB database. Use it for copying indexes from one db to another. From production to development/staging for example

mongoose-any-index Extra index functionality for mongoose

morton-page Morton order index for multidimensional pages

NDDB Powerful and versatile 100% javascript object database

negative-array Negative array index support `array[-1]` using ES6 Proxy

neutrinodb A json document database built on node.js and leveldb

node-index A super simple in memory search index based on Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency using the awesome natural module.

pairs Turn a JSON object into a list of pairs. Useful for indexing.

path-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with a basic javascript array path syntax

pdfiijs PDF inverted index creator.

range-index levelup based range index

rangeindex Minimalistic helper for simple operation: put a bunch of [from, to] values and get any selection of them

rbush High-performance 2D spatial index for rectangles (based on R*-tree with bulk loading and bulk insertion algorithms)

redex Realtime full text indexing powered by redis & node.js.

rediscomplete A fully CRUD redis autocomplete engine inspired from the antirez and patshaughnessy blogs.

reol Keep an array of objects indexed by field, for super-fast retrieval.

requireindex Write minimal node index.js files that require and export siblings by file basename

rtree2d RTree module for Javascript. Supports range searches and nearest neighbour searches.

sarray Sorted Array - uses binary search for fast insertion / reading

seamsearch a nodejs fulltext search engine

search-index A text search index module for Node.js. Search-index allows applications to add, delete and retrieve documents from a corpus. Retrieved documents are ordered by tf-idf relevance, filtering on metadata, and field weighting

searchlight searchlight is a simple and fast inverted search index stored in redis

slice-file stream file slices by line number indexes

solr2solr Migrate one Solr index to another, and multiply/manipulate the data on the way

soundex Generate a soundex index for a word.

source-map-index-generator Generate source-maps from index mappings

span-skip-list A data structure for calculating running totals in multiple dimensions in O(ln(n)).

sql-engine A SQL query engine built on levelup/leveldb - uses level-queryengine

subindex Generic pluggable indexing system for leveldb/levelup. Designed to be used with the level-queryengine query engine.

symmetric-tensor-index Index arithmetic for symmetric tensors

textiijs Text inverted index creator

translocator Convert line-column locations to ranges and vice-versa.

unindex-mesh Takes a list of vertices and faces, giving you back an array of individual triangles.

ustates US state by index, by name and by abbreviation

waldo-imii In-memory inverted-index

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