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angular-smart-scroll Smart infinite scroll directive for Angular.js that is customizable to support nested, horizontal, vertical, and/or bidirectional scrolls

bintail Like tail -f, but binary-safe!

consequence library providing functional helpers for generators

continuous-box2d Generate a bunch of box2d bodies to match a grid backed by ndarray-continuous

continuous-observer Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required.

continuous-storage Store a continuous ndarray in a level.js/levelup database

derby-ui-infinite-scroll A Derby component for infinite scrolling

infinite-loop infinite loop in nodejs, easy to use, good performance

infinity Infinite sequences for Node.js. Supports typical array functions and more, all evaluated lazily.

line2 perform operations on infinite lines in 2 dimensions

ndarray-continuous Create continuous "chunked" grids/volumes with ndarrays

react-ellipsis React ellipsis component

react-infinite-scroll React Infinite Scroll =====================

swipe-list Infinite scroll replacement for weak mobile devices.

virtual-list Allows the developer to create massively long lists that perform extremely fast by loading just the part of the list showing up on the viewport, and by optimizing the amount of DOM operations and reflows.

yield library providing functional helpers for generators

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