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active-model Data source agnostic opinionated models for Node.js with classic inheritance, basic validations and a clean API

alamid-class Easy prototype inheritance

assimilate Extends objects.

bike Class system to organize namespaces, define, create, extend, mixin, super inheritance and more

cascading-service-config dry configuration for a multi-service system

classic Straightforward classes for node.js or web browsers

component-inherit Prototype inheritance utility

derive Multiple inheritance (well, sort of)

descend Function to set up an inherited class that calls its ancestor constructors automatically. Can also be attached to constructors.

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

extendable Extend constructors using backbone's .extend signature

fast-class A faster and easier way to define Javascript Prototypal Inheritance: `classes` and `mixins`

fusing Prototype fusion

heir Makes prototypical inheritance easy and robust

hydro-class A powerful, full-featured class system for JavaScript.

hydro-mixin A powerful, full-featured mixins for JavaScript. Inspired by Ember.

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

inherit-js inheritance for javascript

lazy-extendable Lazy and unobturisve JavaScript inheritance

mixin-class mixin style inherit

node-class Javascript Class system (Object oriented). Support Interfaces, Classes, Extends/Implements.

node.class A port of John Resig Class Implementation

node.extend A port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

nt-mixer Mixin and inherit utils.

objectfactory A modular JavaScript inheritance library that works nicely with browserify, CommonJS or just vanilla JavaScript.

omicron A utility library for object manipulation and differential operations, prototypal inheritance, and more.

origin An easily extendable base class

predefine Predefine your Object.defineProperties to create a more human readable API.

proto A prototype-based inheritance library that makes it easy to create objects and inheritance hierarchies without losing the power of javascript's prototype system.

rework-clone Clone module for Rework

riveter Mix-in, inheritance and constructor extend behavior for your JavaScript enjoyment.

simple-mixin Simple mixins for javascript programs

subclass Simple prototypal inheritance, subclassing, extending, decorators, mixins, factories, and statics.

super-wrap A dynamic function inheritence (super).

traits.js Trait composition library for JavaScript

trustfund Trustfund is a better kind of object inheritance.

u.mix Mix object properties

whet.extend A sharped version of port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js

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