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obstruct Object > Constructor

oconf Configuration

omicron A utility library for object manipulation and differential operations, prototypal inheritance, and more.

oojs Power for object oriented javascript libraries.

oop-module Node.js library to transform modules into classes

oopsjs A port of OOPS.js for node. Enables a very simple structure for Object Oriented Programming.

origin An easily extendable base class

ovy A fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support singleton, super call, private, mixins and more.

paladin javascript object composition library

pejs Pre-compiled EJS with inheritance, block and file support that works both in the client and on the server

phenotype Javascript typing system based on Traits

pjs A lightweight class system. It's just prototypes!

plastictype Parasitic Type Creation in Javascript

practical-inheritance A true prototypal inheritance pattern that effectively replaces the classical constructor pattern

proclass Classical inheritance with protected members.

proto A prototype-based inheritance library that makes it easy to create objects and inheritance hierarchies without losing the power of javascript's prototype system.

proto-star Proxy-based Self-and-Slate-inspired slow-as-fuck multiple-delegation for ECMAScript6-aka-JavaScript

protodict a reliable dictionary with prototypal inheritance.

protolang A programming language that compiles to JavaScript and emphasizes prototypes, integrity, and syntax.

protomatter A simple tool for constructor-less prototypal inheritance in JavaScript.

prototypal prototypal inheritance done right

prototype4node prototype4node is an attempt to bring the power and simplicity of the prototypejs library, to NodeJS.

pseudoclass > An OOP framework for Node.js and the browser

qooxdoo OO programming with classes, mixins, interfaces and dynamic getters/setters

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

ring Ring.js - JavaScript Class System with Multiple Inheritance

ron.js "You stay classy, JavaScript." Ron.js is a simple implementation of classical inheritance for JavaScript.

seed-js Elegant inheritance, attributes and events, both for client-side and server-side JavaScript.

selfish Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

sextend Adds static variables to JS inheritance.

shallow-settings Shallow inheritance-based settings for your application

simile A small library which attempts to push prototypal inheritance to its natural conclusions in JavaScript. For ECMAScript 5.

simpledeclare A simple implementation of declare() to have Javascript (single and multiple) inheritance in a very elegant, dojo-style way

sjsclass sjsClass - Simple JavaScript Class - Inheritance

soak Simple functions for extending JavaScript objects

soop Soop up your JavaScript.

stampit Create objects from reusable, composable behaviors.

straps Class inheritance library with support for bean-style accessors.

subclass Simple prototypal inheritance, subclassing, extending, decorators, mixins, factories, and statics.

topiarist a micro library for extension, mixin and interfaces.

traits.js Trait composition library for JavaScript

troop Full-featured, testable OOP

trustfund Trustfund is a better kind of object inheritance.

typedef Low-level type-centric utility functions for Javascript.

unterproto Simplest possible prototypal inheritance sugar. For node and browser.

zebraclass zebraClass is a createClass extensions that uses its lazy-loading functionality to provide an easy-to-use interface for shared inheritances. Requires createClass.

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