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ajector Asynchronous dependency injector

aonyx A small, light-weight, dependency injector for node.

args-list Extract method arguments names into array.

bearcat a POJOs based application framework for node.js

beat Simple dependency injection for node

beat-conf Simple configuration utility for Beat dependency injection

bicyclepump.js JavaScript Object Inflation with Dependency Injection

bindr A small JavaScript dependency injection framework.

bogart-injector bogart-injector ===============

chi dependency injected routing with express

closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

colle A Nodejs dependency injection library

ctx A minimalist context resolver.

depend Dependency injection system.

dependency-injector Dependency Injection via function arguments

dependency-manager Simple dependency injection manager

deper A node.js dependency injector

di Dependency Injection for Node.js. Heavily inspired by AngularJS.

di-modules Simple helper to create module specification objects for di

di4js The di4js module is dependency injection implementation in JavaScript. Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows the removal of hard-coded dependencies and makes it possible to change them.

dic Dependency Injection Container (DIC) for NodeJS and the browser.

dico A service container in javascript.

dico-mongodb A wrapper to use mongodb with dico.

didi Dependency Injection for JavaScript

dips A simple yet powerful dependency injection and entity (file) management framework for Node.js

dm Dependency Injection Manager

easy-app Simple and powerful container for applications

electrolyte Elegant dependency injection for Node.js.

exdi Dependency injection container

express-dinja Dependency injection for Express applications

freight.js An simple CommonJS dependency injection container for both node.js and the browser (using browserify)

fusker Application firewall. Detect, prevent, and fight back against hackers in the lulziest ways possible

gendi Container-based DI using promises and generators

gerenuk Friendly dependency injection container

heroin Dependency injection done right

hinoki magical inversion of control for nodejs and the browser

infect Infect.js is a simple way to add the magic of dependency injection to any web project, regardless of the framework on which you choose to write your application. It's infectiously simple!

infector Infects a dependant object with it's dependencies, i.e., a simple JS dependency injection module.

infuse.js Javascript IOC library for dependency injection

inj KISS, `require` based dependency injector (DI)

injct dependency injection for nodejs

inject-me Simple IoC framework for Javascript

injection MVC framework to make the use of Express even easier

injecto Test your code in production!

injector-js Simple Dependency Injection Container for JavaScript

injekt A tiny dependency injection framework for NodeJS

injendency Easy JavaScript dependency injection.

intravenous Lightweight dependency injection for Javascript

inversion Simple IoC-like system for managing complex object graphs.

iv A dependency injection tool.

jinject jinject is an IoC container for node.js which resolve object dependancies.

limo Dependency injection with licy.js modules

locus Line focuser

medic-injector A light-weight Javascript Dependency Injection tool, strongly inspired by the great ActionScript3 RobotLegs & SwiftSuspenders frameworks

minioc A miniature, conventions-based IOC implementation for nodejs.

mockit Simple module dependency mocking

module-js Module system for JavaScript. Class, namespace, dependency injection support. RequireJS and CommonJS integration

monkey-patch Monkey Patching Dependency Injector

morgue require with mocks for testing in node.js

nectar.js JavaScript dependency injection library.

needle-js Angular.js style dependency injection using reflection.

ng-annotate add, remove and rebuild angularjs dependency injection annotations

ng-di-annotate add, remove and rebuild angularjs and ng-di dependency injection annotations

ngbmin Simple AngularJS pre-minifier. Transforms all functions that end with $ng from function-injection to array injection syntax

ngbrowserify Angular function-based injection to array-based injection transform for browserify and the command line.

node-dm Asynchronous Dependency Injection Manager for Node.JS

node-service-locator service locator for node.js apps

node.iody A light framework used to dependency injection.

nodeject A simple dependency injection module for JavaScript. Works as both a node.js module and as a browser module. CommonJS compatible.

omni-di Lightweight argument-based dependency injection

pg-builder PostgreSQL query builder

plugme Dependency Injection library

pluto Dependency injection that's so small, it almost doesn't count.

pongular AngularJS dependency injection ripped out for use on the server.

proxyquire Proxies nodejs require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

q-di Asynchronous dependency injection using Q promises

q-injector Lightweight asynchronous promise-based dependency injector

r42 Dependency injection done right.

require-bean Minimal IoC container

restify-by-convention Routes HTTP requests to the appropriate controller and function by convention.

rewire Dependency injection for node.js applications

rewire-webpack Dependency injection for webpack bundles

rocco Rocco is a really simple(embrional) dependency injector

sack An Inversion-of-Control container for all your dependency injection needs.

sahara An inversion-of-control container for managing dependencies. Supports constructor, property and method injection

sbar-inject Dependency injection from angular.js to node.js with some $

scarlet-ioc A Javascript IoC container

script-injector Inject inline javascript into an HTML stream.

script-injector-sync Inject JavaScript into HTML, synchronously

shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js

simpleplan Simple dependency injector for your precious node apps.

slurp a lightweight asynchronous dependency injector

soma.js soma.js is a javascript framework created to build scalable and maintainable applications.

sonata-ioc Annotation Parser

sonata-ioc-annotation Annotation for sonata-ioc

spirepl Live REPL that updates with your code

sql-injection This express module detects sql injection attacks and stops them with 403 http status code.

syringe-js Simple dependency injection for functions

syringejs An ultra-lightweight dependency injection framework for JavaScript

that Advanced Node.js framework featuring Evented Evolution Engine, Seamless State Sharing, and Plugin-optimized Operation

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