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add-keyup-events Emit custom events from an input so you can do stuff like listening for "enter" and "esc" events the same way as you would "keyup".

bb-validation An extendable validation plugin for Backbone with asynchronous tests, custom messages support, form generation, etc...

big-block-input Input System for the Big Block Javascript Game Engine

bootstrap-tokenfield Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

cli-prompt A tiny CLI prompter

clock-input widget to select time

com.izaakschroeder.validator A simple input validation framework.

console-faker Get some file content to be printed out on console while you type anything on your keyboard.

differy Objects Diff

discipline Validates object properties using Pursuit queries.

drmonty-chosen Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.

editable-component Turn element into contenteditable

editable-placeholder-component ContentEditable placeholder for use with nickjackson/editable

editable-sanitize-component ContentEditable sanitizer for use with nickjackson/editable

ender-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (modified for ender)

enter-input A html input element that calls back on <enter>

ep_speechinput Speech Input for Etherpad Lite

express-validate Data validation, filtering and sanitization for express

fffield given a dom element, turn it into a X/Y cursor input

field-selection Get text selection or replace selected text in input field or textarea.

fio Get/set data in form fields with consistent type coercion and validation

fire-validations Validation expressions for fire.js

former Populate html form elements with data and return updated object

game-shell Ready-to-go game shell

gkey An index of gamepad input mappings for controllers using the HTML5 gamepad API

gp-controls A polling interface for the HTML5 Gamepad API

greergan-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (awaiting pull request for official validator)

gyp-builder A way to build gyp files programmatically

hidstream Streaming HID events in Node.js

in Node.js module to standard input management

input-brick Lego plugin to set model value on input

input-filter-async A high-level library for filtering (sanitisation) and validating input data

inputcheck Looks for commands within the string and implements those commands

joy Delighfully simple schema validation.

jquery-continuous-calendar Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged

jquery-emulatetab A jQuery plugin to emulate tabbing between elements on a page.

jquery-megamask jQuery plugin for masking inputs

kbd keyboard utilities : sync/async input, disable/enable echo canonical

keyboard High quality keybinding library

keyboard-cjs High quality keybinding library

konamijs konami.js logs every keypress and store it for later

line-input-stream Convert a Node.JS Readable Stream into a Line Buffered Input Stream

luhn-check validation for credit cards using the Luhn algorithm

morse-code A morse code input library

mouse A high quality mouse event binding library that treats the mouse like a first class citizen object.

node-clerk Validate input with callback

node-xss codeigniter like xss for node.js

pickadate The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

prompt-input Prompt user inputs with styling

pupil A string-based JavaScript validation library.

purify Validator functions for many types of input, intended for use with express

qparser A parsing library intended to parse complex user input

react-async-input wrap React inputs so that asynchrous updates don't cause the cursor to jump

react-input-placeholder React Input with Placeholder Shim =======================

react-placeholder-shim Form placeholder shim for input and textarea in ie8 and 9. Prototype for Ribbons input. Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons input.

save-slave-dave a crazy little fellow that watches for changes on an input component and graciously offers to save them

set-input-value Set input value and keep cursor position

sound Make sure your data is sound! Validation library for Node.js.

stdask A simple way to ask the user for command line input

stdio Module for standard input/output management with NodeJS

stream-equal Test that two readable streams are equal to each other.

streamify Streamify helps you easily provide a streaming interface for code.

streamin Provide a better streaming api in your app.

superinput Tokenized input with autocomplete support

topcoat-input-base Topcoat input base

topcoat-radio-button Topcoat radio button

topcoat-radio-button-base Topcoat radio button base

topcoat-range Topcoat default range skin

topcoat-range-base Base component for range

topcoat-search-input-base Topcoat search input base styles.

topcoat-select Topcoat select skin

topcoat-select-base Topcoat select base

topcoat-text-input Topcoat text input skin

touch-input-nav Scopes touch-web tabbed input navigation to input elements inside the same form

validator-errors A wrapper for the validator package that adds an error list

wired Brick plugin to set model value on input

xss Sanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a configuration specified by a Whitelist. 根据白名单过滤HTML(防止XSS攻击)

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