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bip-pod-instagram Instagram Pod for Bipio

downstagram Command line tool to download and backup all your instagram photos

hubot-instagram Instagram adapter for Hubot

hummingbird-instagram Instagram streaming module for hummingbird.

insta-stream A pseudo-streaming instagram API client

instabio generate instagram biographies

instagram-formatter Format instagram text with proper html link tag link on username, hashtag, and url

instagram-node Simple Instagram driver for Node.js

instagram-node-lib This package is a wrapper for the Instagram API.

instagram-realtime Event-driven, Object-oriented Instagram API Wrapper

instapics Wrapper for the Instagram API

noauth Authorization library for OAuth

node-seen An API wrapper around the Seen API

passport-instagram Instagram authentication strategy for Passport.

socializr Read data streams from several social networks.

tweet-html reparse tweets returned by twitter API to HTML

webremix Convert media urls and links to embedded HTML

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