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call-log Instrument an object or class so that anytime one of its method is invoked it gets logged to the console.

covert code coverage command con coverify

errplane Client library for Errplane (

fondue rewrites JavaScript code to collect partial execution traces

gl-catch-context Retrieve any newly created WebGL contexts as they're being created. Useful for instrumentation.

gl-shader-hook Instruments WebGL shaders to keep track of updates and modify existing shaders on the fly.

graphdat App Instrumentation

hapi-statsd A hapi plugin for sending request round trip metrics to statsd

look Performance profiler based on nodetime

metrics-broker A metrics broker and simple instrumentation library

mojito-cli-profiler Provides the `profiler` command for the `mojito-cli` tool.

newrelic New Relic agent

node-statsd-instrument Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instrumentation using node-statsd

node-stopwatch A stopwatch utility for node.js apps

node-theseus wrapper of the node command for debugging scripts with Theseus

noderelict Instrumentation for node

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

nodetrace API-level DTrace Provider

piano require-hook for instrumenting your code

scoper modify nested scope at runtime

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