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api-mock A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

api-walker A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

bas Behaviour Assertion Sheets: CSS-like declarative syntax for client-side integration testing and quality assurance.

bluefrisby API tests generated from your api blueprint.

bluepress A mock server generated from API Blueprint.

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

choreography Pure-Javascript Demo Recorder and Integration Testing Suite

ci-status-images Test coverage percentage and other useful status images for continuous integration systems.

cicada a teeny git-based continuous integration server

cin Lightweight, flexible continuous integration server for Git projects

clouseau-js Follows the execution of a page/an app by expecting messages (sent via `alert()`) by running it in PhantomJS.

dj remixable JavaScript

dredd API Blueprint testing tool

emerald real-time C.I written in node.js by in unstable alpha

gaia-profile-builder Gaia profile builder for marionette-js-runner

gauss-quadrature Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules

generator-start-compass Start a simple project with compass

grunt-integration Run Integration Tests using Selenium, Mocha, a Server, and a Browser

grunt-protractor grunt plugin for protractor

integration Enterprise integration patterns for JavaScript

jslink Preprocessor for JavaScript

kitkat Kontinuos Integrated Testing Koffee Application Template

kitkat-express Kontinuos Integrated Testing Koffee Application Template - Simplified branch for express

lab-lint Lint test to be integrated into the lab test system.

marionette-js-runner Utility module for installing an app as preloaded & packaged app

marionette-profile-builder Default profile builder for marionette-js-runner

mercadolibre Mercadolibre SDK module for integration

mercadopago Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration

mercadopago-ideame Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration

meteor-test-runner A test runner for Meteor

msgs Message oriented programming for JavaScript

node-trello-slack Monitors a collection of Trello boards and pushes their activity into SlackHQ

postgression A node client for the postgression API.

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs.

ruze ruze =======

rw-brunch Patches railway app to became Brunch's server when included as a Brunch project deps.

stagecoach Shuffle servers around to make staging instances super simple for continuous integration and load balancing.

strider-hipchat A Strider CD Plugin to notify Hipchat of project build status

submix module integration utility

suite-n-sour.js NetSuite for Node.js! Implments User Interface, SuiteScript Debugger, Offline Client, Web Store, and SOAP API's with more on the way!

test-platforms A collection of all available test platforms for SauceLabs

testardo a browser and OS agnostic web driver for mobile and desktop

testling-server run your browser tests on every commit

tooltwist Tooltwist Command Line Interface

travis-ci node library to access the Travis-CI API

turtle Carries your UI tests in a phantomjs headless browser

tztintegrationjs Test Framework for integration tests.

valiquire Validates that all require statements in a project point to an existing path and are correctly cased.

watai Integration testing for the modern web

zombie Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using Node.js

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