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cinovo-isin-validator International Securities Identification Number validator

error-js Tiny Javascript custom error library for both node and browser.

grunt-sqsp Manage & Deploy I18n-ready Squarespace Themes to different sites. Developed in conjunction with Big Human (

ijson an international flavor of JSON that replaces the english words "true", "false", "null" with symbols

libphonenumber Google's phone number handling library ported to node.js

nexmoapi Node interface to's SMS API.

node-nexmo-api Nexmo Node Library

node-phonenumber Google's phone number handling library ported to Node

rtltextarea a module to apply RTL text to textboxes

sails-stringfile translated/localized stringfiles containing messages from Sails core and dependencies

sharkfly Manage of International Codes

sort-international Sort an array into an international alphabetical order.

wikipedias Metadata about Wikipedia's international subdomain codes

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