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angular-localize A localization module for AngularJS.

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

bcp47 Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

cldr-plurals Common Locale Data Repository Pluralization Logic

cldr.js Simple CLDR API

cldrjs Simple CLDR API

counterpart A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser

derby-lang A translation library for Derby JS.

derby-lang-fs Filesystem translation loader for Derby Lang.

derby-lang-locale Add supported languages to derby-locale.

derby-lang-session Add session support to derby-lang.

derby-locale A locale module for Derby JS.

derby-locale-browser Add browser support to derby-locale.

derby-locale-session Add session support to derby-locale.

derby-neigh A translation library for Derby JS.

ember-i18n Internationalization for Ember

express-negotiator Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

fire-i18n Localization expressions for fire.js

flipcss Flip CSS from ltr to rtl (and vice versa).

format-price Parse and format things that could be prices

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

granula i18n tool for angular.js applications

grunt-jade-i18n Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-jade-i18n-extended Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-locales Update, build, import and export locales using grunt.

grunt-sqsp Manage & Deploy I18n-ready Squarespace Themes to different sites. Developed in conjunction with Big Human (

i18n-lor An node.js module for internationalization of string resources.

i18n-strings-files Process .strings files used for localization in iOS/OSX development

int17 Internationalization JavaScript library

intl Polyfill the ECMA-402 Intl API (except collation)

inverser Simply translate LTR-based CSS file to RTL, or the opposite. Can be both used on the server-side with Node.js, or client-side.

inverter Simply translate LTR-based CSS file to RTL, or the opposite. Can be both used on the server-side with Node.js, or client-side.

jed Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps

jedify jedify

jspot Extracts gettext strings from Javascript files into pot files

jsxgettext Extracts gettext strings from JavaScript, EJS, Jade, Jinja and Handlebars files.

makara i18n support for dust.js templates

messageformat PluralFormat and SelectFormat Message and i18n Tool - A JavaScript Implemenation of the ICU standards.

mini18n Minimalistic internationalization library for Node.js

mondo i18n library for node and the browser

neigh A translation library for Derby JS.

node-polyglot Give your JavaScript the ability to speak many languages.

node-pseudo-i18n Turns a PO or POT file into [pseudo-localized]( PO file.

polyglot i18n module for express

potrans API wrapper and console app to translate PO and POT files with

sails-stringfile translated/localized stringfiles containing messages from Sails core and dependencies

smart-plurals A collection of language-specific rules for determining the plurality of a number

ti-i18n CLI to manage internationalizing your Titanium app

tower-text I18n, inflections, and other random bits of text to keep organized.

translator-couch CouchDB schema for Magomogo/translator-utils, Magomogo/translator, and ikr/translator-node

translator-node Fetches translations from ikr/translator-couch, and stringifies ICU messages within Mustache templates under node.js

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