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bezier-easing Bezier Curve based easing functions for Javascript animations

cement Data attribute binding and interpolation

coffeenode-fillin String Interpolation library; also contains methods to fill in key/value pairs of objects and to iterate over nested facets

cubic-hermite Cubic hermite interpolation

data-binding Data attribute binding and interpolation

fomatto Lightweight JavaScript String Interpolation.

interpolate.js string interpolation

interpolator A small collection of d3-esque interpolation methods

ject A tiny string interpolation utility.

ko-mustached Mustached syntax for knockout data bindings

mingle function operations, composition, and interpolation in JavaScript

nativity-fomatto nativity plugin to install fomatto onto native String prototype.

ndarray-downsample2x Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation

node-polyglot Give your JavaScript the ability to speak many languages.

pep Peppy string interpolation library with value filters such as 'pluralize' & 'articlize'.

rainbow-dash Very fast color interpolation in Javascript

react-translate-component A component for React that utilizes the counterpart module to translate/localize its content

ripplejs-interpolate Interpolate expressions in a string

rssi Ruby-like simple string interpolation

sgeo Spherical coordinate library

smoothstep The smoothstep function

spice No-frills string interpolation library.

spline general purpose spline implementations

store-supplant Interpolation plugin for store

supplant String variable substitution

tween.js Super simple, fast and easy to use tweening engine which incorporates optimised Robert Penner's equations.

tweeno Tweeno is a refactored and improved version of [Tween.js]( A super simple, fast and easy to use tweening engine which incorporates optimized Robert Penner's equations.

unitbezier unit bezier curve interpolation

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