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aimlinterpreter Module to interpret AIML files in node.js

arc-js An Arc-langugage interpreter written in JavaScript

basicscript BASIC language interpreter in Javascript

biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript

bnf BNF Compiler, parser, and interpreter framework.

brainfuckme Interpreter for Brainfuck language

brainless Interpreter for the Brainfuck esoteric language

chronos.js Library for interpreting duration into strings

cobolscript COBOL compiler to JavaScript

flow-script flow programming language interpreter on JS

interpreter Tool for managing different language files for an application

jawk Interpreter for jawk, an awk-like data proccessing language with JavaScript syntax.

jpyscript Python compiler to JavaScript

kevoree-kevscript Kevoree KevScript module - contains parser, interpreter and grammar

magnet A duck-typed, object-oriented, syntax-driven and potentially awesome programming language.

markov-algorithm A Markov (normal) algorithm interpreter.

nesh An enhanced, extensible shell for Node.js

py2script Python compiler to JavaScript

ruscript Ruby interpreter in JavaScript

rustscript Rust interpreter in JavaScript

scascript Scala-like programming language implemented as interpreter in JavaScript

simpleprolog SimpleProlog interpreter in JavaScript

simplescript Simple Scripting Language, based on Javascript

steptoe Simple language, based on Javascript, with an interpreter designed for asynchronous step execution

tsi A typescript REPL (command line interpreter)

uniter Uniter - PHP in the browser and Node.js

unity Unity - JavaScript PHP recompiling interpreter

walley-language walley language (toy) is a simple script language ;)

whip The Haskellish LISP dialect.

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