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amd-plugins A handy collection of AMD plugins.

beat Simple dependency injection for node

beat-conf Simple configuration utility for Beat dependency injection

CoolBeans CoolBeans is an Inversion of Control (IOC) / Dependency Injection (DI) library for Node.js. CoolBeans is loosely based on ColdSpring for ColdFusion and Spring IOC for Java.

darkmagic A dependency injection framework

didi Dependency Injection for JavaScript

dijon A DI/IOC micro-framework inspired by robotlegs

dips A simple yet powerful dependency injection and entity (file) management framework for Node.js

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

fdi IN PROGRESS. IoC nodejs framework.

gunk Dependency injection framework for node.js

ioccontainer Dependency injection implementation (Spring evangelist)

jinject jinject is an IoC container for node.js which resolve object dependancies.

node.iody A light framework used to dependency injection.

overdose Dependency injection framework and Inversion of Control container

plugme Dependency Injection library

sack An Inversion-of-Control container for all your dependency injection needs.

sandal Javascript dependency injection container

sandal-autowire Autowire extension for sandal

scatter IoC container and out-of-the-box extensibility for Node.js applications

splink JavaScript IoC Container

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