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amd-plugins A handy collection of AMD plugins.

aonyx A small, light-weight, dependency injector for node.

backbone-di Backbone dependency injector

beat Simple dependency injection for node

beat-conf Simple configuration utility for Beat dependency injection

cabra Dependency injection for node.js.

catberry-locator Service locator module for catberry framework

circuitbox A dependency-injection framework for node.js

coffee-sweetener Small utility component that you can use in your applications to ease the management of dependencies between objects. The idea is simple, you have a factory object (we'll call this the *injector*) where you define some mappings. Each mapping has a unique id that you define. From different modules you can query the *injector* to give you a new instance of a specific mapping. Within classes you can define depenecies which will be satisfied on creation of a new instance of that class.

colle A Nodejs dependency injection library

conga-dependency-injection Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control module

CoolBeans CoolBeans is an Inversion of Control (IOC) / Dependency Injection (DI) library for Node.js. CoolBeans is loosely based on ColdSpring for ColdFusion and Spring IOC for Java.

crane-js Does the heavy lifting for a javascript application by providing a simple MVC environment (built on mongoose), favoring fluent configuration, along with an IoC Container, built-in repository pattern, and more

cujo The Unframework: wire.js, curl.js, cram.js, when.js, cola.js, aop.js, poly.js, canh(az).js, robo.js, pile.js

darkmagic A dependency injection framework

desire Dependency Injection Container in less than 50 lines

di-lite A ultra light-weight dependency injection container in Javascript

dicontainer Simple dependency container

dijon A DI/IOC micro-framework inspired by robotlegs

dips A simple yet powerful dependency injection and entity (file) management framework for Node.js

dispenser yet another dependency injection container

domain Domain development , DDD-CRS framework for node.js .

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

electrolyte Elegant dependency injection for Node.js.

fdi IN PROGRESS. IoC nodejs framework.

final-class System for creating classes, multi inheritance, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.

freight.js An simple CommonJS dependency injection container for both node.js and the browser (using browserify)

gendi Container-based DI using promises and generators

hinoki magical inversion of control for nodejs and the browser

infect Infect.js is a simple way to add the magic of dependency injection to any web project, regardless of the framework on which you choose to write your application. It's infectiously simple!

infuse.js Javascript IOC library for dependency injection

injct dependency injection for nodejs

inject-me Simple IoC framework for Javascript

injector-js Simple Dependency Injection Container for JavaScript

intravenous Lightweight dependency injection for Javascript

inversion Simple IoC-like system for managing complex object graphs.

ioc A simple service IoC service locator for javascript

iv A dependency injection tool.

jadi ioc container

jadiTest ioc container based test tool

jinject jinject is an IoC container for node.js which resolve object dependancies.

jsdi DI - Dependency Injection , Inversion of Control - IoC , for JS.

jsdm Domain development , DDD-CRS framework for node.js .

micon Dependency injector

minioc A miniature, conventions-based IOC implementation for nodejs.

nectar.js JavaScript dependency injection library.

needle-di Lightweight Dependency Injection

nioc IOC/DI for Node.js

node.iody A light framework used to dependency injection.

overdose Dependency injection framework and Inversion of Control container

pimple Dependency Injection container for javascript

plugme Dependency Injection library

q-injector Lightweight asynchronous promise-based dependency injector

rave-wire RaveJS extension for wire.js

rego A generic implementation of the service locator pattern

require-bean Minimal IoC container

restify-by-convention Routes HTTP requests to the appropriate controller and function by convention.

sack An Inversion-of-Control container for all your dependency injection needs.

sahara An inversion-of-control container for managing dependencies. Supports constructor, property and method injection

sandal Javascript dependency injection container

sandal-autowire Autowire extension for sandal

scarlet-ioc A Javascript IoC container

scatter IoC container and out-of-the-box extensibility for Node.js applications

servicelocator Central location to register and locate services within a Node.js application.

simple-di A simple Depenendency Injection Container

simple-ioc Simple Dependency Injection for node.js

simpleplan Simple dependency injector for your precious node apps.

sonata-ioc Annotation Parser

sonata-ioc-annotation Annotation for sonata-ioc

splink JavaScript IoC Container

subsumer Lightweight IoC for JavaScript applications

summer A very simple straightforward IOC/DI container

syringejs An ultra-lightweight dependency injection framework for JavaScript

typeioc Dependency injection container for node typescript

winter Dependency injection that doesn't require you to change your code

wire A light, fast, flexible Javascript IOC container.

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