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abhispeak Finally, lorem ipsum worth reading.

bacon-stream readable stream of bacon ipsum content from baconipsum dot com

blindipsum generic lorem ipsum generator

boganipsum Lorem Ipsum ... Bogan Style!

grunt-ipsum Generate fake data, lorem ipsum, and placeholder images as JSON.

hipsum A filler text generator for Handlebars templates.

libroipsum Generates phrases using character distribution of text

lobsteripsum Straightforward placeholder text generator

lorem Filler text generator compatible with Node.js, Require.js and plain-old <script/>.

lorem-ipsum Generates passages of lorem ipsum text suitable for use as placeholder copy in web pages, graphics, and more.

lorem-streamer Lorem Ipsum generating Stream

lorem.js A JavaScript library to generate placeholder text.

react-lorem-component A component for React that renders paragraph or list item tags full of lorem ipsum placeholder text

vinoipsum wine based lorem ipsum generator

xon fiXture Object Notation

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