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argg A poor man's test runner for tap, tape, or similar, that also can be used with istanbul. It's just three lines of code to require all globs or pathnames provided as command line arguments.

borschik-tech-istanbul borschik tech that instruments included files using istanbul code coverage tool

buster-istanbul buster extension for istanbul code coverage.

cov Mocha Coverage report store on CDN.

coverage-collector A simple server for collecting code coverage objects

fuzzyblanket sets up your project to use alexseville/blanket according to the node.js instructions

grunt-code-quality-report Grunt code quality reporter

grunt-croc-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance with code coverage support. Despite grunt-contrib-qunit it has no direct dependency on phantomjs module

grunt-ez-istanbul A simple grunt plugin for running istanbul commands.

grunt-istanbul JavaScript codecoverage tool for Grunt

grunt-istanbul-coverage A grunt plugin to enforce coverage thresholds from istanbul coverage objects.

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage Grunt task for running jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage reports. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage-validation Grunt task for jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage. Validates coverage configuration and fails the task for under coverage. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node-coverage by Jarrod Ribble.

grunt-mocha-istanbul Almost config-free Istanbul code coverage reporter for Mocha usage in Grunt

grunt-not-constantinople Grunt task to easily add Istanbul code coverage using any unit-testing framework.

grunt-protractor-coverage Instrument your code and gather coverage data from Protractor E2E tests

grunt-template-jasmine-istanbul Code coverage template mix-in for grunt-contrib-jasmine, using istanbul

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

gulp-istanbul Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for gulp.

gulp-istanbul-enforcer Plugin for gulp that enforces coverage thresholds from Istanbul

intern Intern. A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.

intern-geezer Intern: geezer edition. A next-generation code testing stack for last-generation JavaScript code.

istanbul-grunt-mocha Grunt task for running Mocha specs, writing istanbul code coverage to a coverage folder

istanbulify Simple transform command to instrument your source with istanbul using browserify

kahvesi A coffeescript coverage tool using Istanbul

karma-coverage A Karma plugin. Generate code coverage.

karma-coverage-0.11 A Karma plugin. Generate code coverage. Updating dependency to karma 0.11

karma-coverage-intfolders A Karma plugin. Generate code coverage.

karma-coveralls A karma plugin which uploads coverage reports to

karma-js-coverage A Karma plugin to generate code coverage for JavaScript files. A fork of without the flakey coffee dependencies.

karma-threshold-reporter A Karma plugin. Fail tests if the coverage falls below the given threshold.

lasso-node JavaScript widget and page unit testing with on the fly instrumentation

mocha-istanbul Istanbul code coverage reporter for Mocha

nococohint Tool for assembling Istanbul, JSHint & Mocha reports together.

phantomjs-test-starter Starter Template for testing PhantomJS ‘Applications’ with Jasmine, Grunt, and Istanbul

yui-istanbul YUI loader hook for istanbul coverage

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