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asyncreduce Reduce an array of values via an asynchronous function.

asynquence asynquence: async sequences & gates for flow-control

asynquence-contrib contrib plugins for asynquence

clctr Event emitting collections with iterators (like Backbone.Collection).

collection_functions Provides typical collection/enumerable functions (think underscore.js) - but it's agnostic about storage and iteration details.

consumer Consume Javascipt strings character-by-character.

date-period Date period iterator

dom-iterator iterator for mini-html-parser

dot-util dot('x') ~= function(obj) { return obj.x }

es6-iterator Iterator abstraction based on ES6 specification

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

gjs Let you call a function over a range of numbers.

glob-tree Tree with glob iterator

http-agent A simple agent for performing a sequence of http requests in node.js

iota A super-simple integer iteration function

iterable Lazily evaluated sequence-based iterable objects with deferred querying and aggregation.

iterate some iterator functions

iterative-compare Compare two sorted lists via iterators

iterator-stream An adapter for making any iterator streaming

js-array-iterator Simple JavaScript Array Iterator, using next() and Events.

js-sorted-set Sorted set data structures

kld-array-iterators A collection of classes used to iterate over arrays

lazy-range Lazy Range function for JS. Exposes forEach forEachAsync and toArray.

level-stream-iterator A Level Up Addon that Implements iterator syntax over a stream.

linkedlist Array like linked list with iterator

live-tree Fast tree with live iterator

mekanika-utils-map Functional style map iterator `map( fn, collection )`

min-filter Minimal filter chain for Node.js and the browser

min-iterator Minimal iterator API for Node.js and the browser

nodeasync nodeasync node async eventemitter, nodeasync async array iterator

oak-query Iterable model for chaining query to simplify collection transformations and manipulations

object-iterator A module to walk through an object with an iterator

osk Exports a function that returns a function which oscillates between minimum and maximum values, with a specified step

paged-iterator An iterator for traversing pages of results item by item

pancake A next generation web framework for Node.

pumpit A simple function to run async code with sync syntax using generators.

range-iterator Range iterator that behaves like an Array

rangegen Generate a range between two numbers or letters. Examples: 1-100, a-z, A-Z, a-zz or even A-ZZZZZ.

reservoir Fast random sampling using reservoir sampling

roundround A dead simple round-robin array iterator

some Randomize functions for arrays and strings

spurt A function to iterate over items with asynchronous calls synchronously.

util4js The util4js library contains JavaScript utilities.

xrange xrange function for easy numeric iteration

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