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ametrine-view Ametrine component for handling and compiling views

anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

aspax-express Module enabling Express.js to handle assets built and packaged by ASPAX.

aspax-jade-handler Plugin enabling ASPAX to handle Jade files.

asset-pipeline Runtime assets builder for Express 3

balloon A node.js module for sending beautiful emails using jade for templates.

blade Blade - HTML Template Compiler, inspired by Jade & Haml

bogart-jade Jade template engine plugin for Bogart

brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.

broccoli-jade Compile Jade templates

broccoli-render-template Render templates with Broccoli (haml, jade, markdown etc...) using consolidate

browjadify Inject compiled jade templates as functions in browserify modules

browserify-jade browserify v2 plugin for jade with sourcemaps support

browserify-plain-jade browserify transform to compile Jade templates to HTML, leaving the parser behind.

browserijade A Browserify middleware that pre-compiles Jade templates on the server and uses the light-weight Jade runtime made for the browser to render them on the client.

buddy A simple build tool for js/css/html projects.

cade Jade/Blade inspired template compiler for coffee-script fans [early commits]

calaxa calaxa ======

cheater Create web-friendly cheat sheets from YAML with less redundant effort.

chino Jade based views that render server and client side

cjade A simple request handler for express which compiles jade templates and makes them avilable for client side use.

clientjade a command line utility to generate compiled jade templates for the browser

clientjade-dev a command line utility to generate compiled jade templates for the browser

compile-middleware Generic Express.js/Connect middleware handling runtime compilization tasks

compile-mw-jade-runtime Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

component-jade A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.

component-jade2 A plugin to transpile Jade files for component/component builder2.

connect-assets-jade Expose your jade views in the browser using connect-assets.

connect-compiler Dynamically recompile stale assets

connect-jade Jade template render helper for connect

connect-jade-client Connect middleware for serving compiled Jade templates to clients.

connect-jade-html Simple connect middleware to serve Jade files as HTML

connect-jade-static Connect (expressjs) middleware for serving html files from jade template

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

corretto Correto is a powerful framework for faster, easier, and more efficient web development

couple Couple is an event based collaboration of NodeJS, Express, Socket.IO, Jade and Stylus

crab Hacking Appcelerator Titanium applications with CoffeeScript, Haml, Jade, Scss, Sass and Less.

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

cristiandouce-render Template render utility

crixalis Lightweight web framework

demo-blog-system Simple Blog by Mandice Contributors.

docpad-plugin-client-jade Adds support for Jade as a client-side template language to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-html2jade Adds support for HTML to the Jade templating engine in DocPad.

docpad-plugin-jade Adds support for the Jade templating engine to DocPad.

el-component create HTML from jade-like expressions

embersmith Static HTML and JSON generator for Ember.js projects.

espresso-boilerplate Espresso is a little boilerplate you can use to create Express apps along with CoffeeScript, Jade.

express-cachebuster Express asset rendering with version-control/cache-busting.

express-render dead simple render setup

express-way Express auto routing and jade precompiling

expressling Expressling

fis-parser-jade A parser for fis to compile jade file.

fis-parser-jade-inline A parser for fis to compile inline jade file.

genem MVC generator for node using express and mongoose

generator-angular-jade-stylus Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Jade and Stylus

generator-angularexpress Yeoman generator for AngularJS with an Express server

generator-barry A generator for Yeoman. Generator that gives you ability to rapidly scaffold a front-end development app. With Jade and Stylus.

generator-browserify Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3

generator-ember-jade-zurb Yeoman generator for Ember Jade Zurb

generator-ember-jade-zurb-express Yeoman generator for Ember Jade Zurb Express

generator-gulp-of-drano Yeoman generator for an angular.js site. CoffeeScript, stylus, jade, gulp.js. Bootstrap, angular-strap, nib, angular-ui-router. Protractor, karma, mocha. Heroku + s3 deployment tasks included.

generator-jade A yo generator for jade projects

generator-jade-frontmatter A generator for Yeoman

generator-jade-rabbit A front-end generator with Jade and LESS

generator-jade-sass-gulp Generator for jade, sass, and gulp

generator-ng-jade-less Angular/LESScss/Jade generator for yeoman

generator-panda A Yeoman generator that is ready to compile following preprocessors, Jade, Stylus and CoffeScript. RequireJS Optimizer is equipped as well.

generator-pr0d Yeoman generator for Single Page Application with Backbone framework, coffeescript, jade and stylus

generator-salsa AngularJS salsa for web/mobile apps and browser extensions.

generator-simplewebapp A generator for a simple web app that is opinionated about scss, jade, and coffeescript

generator-yeogurt A Yeoman generator for creating a sensible structure to front-end work using your favorite tools.

giles a next-gen language watcher/compiler for pre-processed languages

gm-angular-templates Gleeman module for collecting angular js templates to include in index html file

goat-node Simple view engine for Express

grunt-css-usage CSS rules usage in markups (HTML, JADE)

grunt-init-crison Grunt initializer template using Jade, Stylus & CoffeeScript

grunt-jade-client A grunt task to compile jade templates into a javascript file (like templates.js) to use on the client

grunt-jade-filerev-usemin replace references to script/css in jade file with minified revved script/css from filerev

grunt-jade-i18n Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-jade-i18n-extended Compile Jade templates via Grunt with internalization support

grunt-jade-php grunt-jade-php

grunt-jade-tasks Grunt tasks for jade template engine

grunt-jade-usemin Grunt plugin for running UseMin on Jade files

grunt-jadist Grunt plugin for precompiling jade templates for use by jadist express engine

grunt-ngjade Compile jade templates to ng.$templateCache

grunt-template-html Precomplie templates to HTML.

grunt-templater Universal template compiler task for Grunt.

grunt-templates DEPRECATED - use Assemble

gulp-compile-js Gulp plugin to compile a file into a JavaScript representation

gulp-jade Compile Jade templates

gulp-jaded Compile Jaded files with gulp (

h5eb HTML5 Express Boilerplate

handlebars-helper-jade Compile Jade templates using a handlebars helper.

handlebars-layouts Handlebars helpers which implement Jade-like layout blocks.

harp Static web server with built in preprocessing

helper-jade Compile Jade templates using a handlebars helper.

helper-node Simple helper

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