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auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

buildtools Utilities for use in Jake/Cake/Coke build files.

codesurgeon The Node.js build tool

convoy Pluggable, package-aware asset pipeline for node

croak Grunt made easy for large and distributed projects

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-dev-exitprocess The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-qc 基于grunt修改,支持目录递归[XX/~.js]

jake-jshint The runner in this repository provides a convenient front-end to JSHint, a linter for Javascript. It should also work for JSLint.

jake-lcm Jake utilities for Locomotive

jake-mocha A utility for defining Mocha tasks in your Jakefiles. Supports Unix-like glob patterns

jake-requirejs RequireJS extension for jake

jake-typescript Helpers to compile TypeScript using Jake.

jake-uglify Uglify helper for jake

jake-utils Functions for making jake a little nicer

rivet Efficient build tool utilizing JavaScript and Node.js.

sake [S]cripted-r[ake] -- a JavaScript build tool similar to rake, or make.

shelljs Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

shelljs-ffi A close fork of shelljs that replaces the unreliable hacky execSync with another based on node-ffi.

square [square] The whole purpose of square is to provide you with building blocks to create an advanced and maintainable build system so you can streamline your development process and be more productive on a daily basis.

square-wiiv Fork of excellent Arnout Kazemier square build tool

tax simple node.js build tool

utilities A classic collection of JavaScript utilities

velociraptor Asset management tool for Node.js

wiiv-square Fork of excellent Arnout Kazemier square build tool

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