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abu Jasmine test skeleton builder for Tetra.js

aladdin Phantom test runner for Jasmine

angela Command-line interface tool to test Web applications from the command-line. The tool runs suites of tests written with Jasmine in some Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PhantomJS, Android) using WebDriver.

anvil.jasmine A jasmine test runner for anvil.js

atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html A node module to generate Jasmine Spec Runner html pages.

bdd-using DRY your Jasmine or Mocha tests using the data provider pattern

bdd-wrappers BDD wrappers for jasmine and mocha describe/it to help writing tests in GIVEN WHEN THEN AND fashion

beantest Beantest: autotest jasmine-node tests

bootcamp A pure SASS testing framework in the style of Jasmine

browserstack-test Run your unit tests automatically on BrowserStack

chai-datetime date / time comparison matchers for chai

chai-fuzzy fuzzy matchers for chai

chocolate A full stack Node.js web framework built using Coffeescript

expectations jasmine-style 'expect' calls for mocha and other test frameworks

factory_girl port features from factory_girl rails to nodejs

frisby Frisby.js: REST API Endpoint Testing built on Jasmine

generator-ember-rk Ember.js generator for Yeoman.

generator-jekyll-rk Jekyll generator for Yeoman.

generator-karma-jquery Yeoman generator for building jQuery plugins with Karma and Jasmine

generator-nj A generator for Yeoman

generator-webapp-rk Customized web app generator for Yeoman.

grunt-contrib-jasmine Run jasmine specs headlessly through PhantomJS.

grunt-cordova-jasmine Automate Jasmine test suite execution for Cordova plugins inside emulators/devices

grunt-jasmine-bundle [![Build Status](](

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-html-runner Grunt task to run jasmine html runner using phantomjs.

grunt-jasmine-legacy A Grunt task for running Jasmine v1.3 tests using RequireJS and PhantomJS

grunt-jasmine-node Grunt task for running jasmine-node

grunt-jasmine-node-coffee Grunt task for running jasmine-node with coffeescript support. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage Grunt task for running jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage reports. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage-validation Grunt task for jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage. Validates coverage configuration and fails the task for under coverage. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node-coverage by Jarrod Ribble.

grunt-jasmine-node-light A simple Grut task that runs the jasmine-node tests

grunt-jasmine-runner Grunt task for running Jasmine specs

grunt-jasmine-spec-server a server to run jasmine spec files selectively

grunt-jessie Grunt task for running Jasmine tests via Jessie.

grunt-sauce-driver Grunt task for running Selenium WebDriver tests on SauceLabs.

grunt-saucelabs Grunt task running tests using Sauce Labs. Supports QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha and YUI tests

grunt-tdd Run browser and Node JS tests on Buster, Mocha or Jasmine and get the reports in the browser

grunt-template-jasmine-curljs Curljs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-istanbul Code coverage template mix-in for grunt-contrib-jasmine, using istanbul

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs Requirejs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs-preloader Requirejs + modulesLoader template for grunt-contrib-jasmine + preload plugins

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs-simple Requirejs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-steal StealJS template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-templates Allows for javascript template engines to be used within jasmine

grunt-webdriver-jasmine-runner A grunt plugin that runs jasmine tests using webdriver.

gulp-coverage Instrument and generate code coverage independent of test runner

gulp-developerconsole A Gulp plugin that injects a console presenting test results into the main page.

gulp-jasmine Run Jasmine tests

gulp-jasmine2-phantomjs Run Jasmine tests with PhantomJS

hem stiches CommonJS, and ties up other lose ends of web-app development.

hubot-mock-adapter A mock Adapter for unit testing Hubot scripts

isapi.js Chained Rest functions for testing API with Mocha or Jasmine.

jasbin Simple command line runner for jasmine, a BDD Javascript Testing Framework

jasmine-as-promised Extensions to Jasmine unit testing to transparently support Promises in async testing scenarios

jasmine-async-errors Jasmine-oriented domain wrapper to catch those nasty asynchronous errors in your tests

jasmine-bail-fast Bail after first test failure

jasmine-before-all Adds a done-friendly beforeAll setup to jasmine

jasmine-browserstack A Jasmine reporter that can be used to run Jasmine tests automatically on BrowserStack

jasmine-collection-matchers Jasmine Matchers to collections (toHaveSameItems, toHaveUniqueItems)

jasmine-custom-message custom failure message on any jasmine assertion

jasmine-dom Run your jasmine html SpecRunner in node.js.

jasmine-expect 35+ additional matchers for the Jasmine BDD JavaScript test library

jasmine-fixture Makes injecting HTML snippets into the DOM easy & clean!

jasmine-given Adds a Given-When-Then DSL to jasmine as an alternative style for specs

jasmine-html-runner Runs Jasmine's HTML Runner using phantomjs.

jasmine-jsonpath A plugin for jasmine to enable jsonpath(

jasmine-n-matchers A set of matchers to assert a spy was called n times

jasmine-nodal jasmine 2 for Node.js

jasmine-node-lite a lightweight jasmine node runner

jasmine-node-promises Duck punches jasmine-node to support returning promises from `it` blocks

jasmine-node-sugar Some additional methods that make my life easier when testing with Jasmine in Node.js

jasmine-only Exclusivity spec helpers for jasmine: `describe.only` and `it.only`

jasmine-runner-node Run Jasmine 2 specs using PhantomJS

jasmine-sencha Sencha Touch and Ext JS adaptor for Jasmine

jasmine-server jasmine server

jasmine-should-include-fragment Additional matcher for testing whether an object matches a fragment of attributes

jasmine-sinon Jasmine BDD matchers for Sinon.JS

jasmine-spec-prototype Adds the prototype hash to Suites, to allow overridable methods.

jasmine-spec-reporter Spec reporter for jasmine behavior-driven development framework

jasmine-standalone Packaged version of standalone Jamine.

jasmine-stealth-node Node.js module providing helpers that add a little sugar to Jasmine's spies.

jasmine-waits-for-callback Allows jasmine waitsFor blocks to take 1 or more callbacks

jasmine-webdriver-controller Adds methods to jasmine that enable it to send commands to a webdriver server

jasminum A light, modular, promissory, isomorphic Jasmine test scaffold clone

jasminy A Headless Jasmine TDD Tool

js-fixtures jasmine-like fixtures without testing framework dependencies

jscoverage-reporter JSCoverage reporter for Jasmine

jshub Serves and runs your JavaScript tests locally or in a Cloud (SauceLabs, BowserStack, ...)

jute Javascript Unit Test Environment

karma-bdd-using DRY your Karma + Jasmine or Mocha tests using the data provider pattern

karma-benchmarkjasmine A Karma plugin - adapter for Jasmine based benchmarking tool.This repository is forked from karma-jasmine

karma-jasmine A Karma plugin - adapter for Jasmine testing framework.

karma-jasmine-imagediff A Karma plugin - adapter for Jasmine Imagediff matching framework.

karma-jasmine-step-definitions step definitions for karma and jasmine

karma-nested-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results with each describe indented.

karma-perftacular Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js & Karma/Testacular

kitkat Kontinuos Integrated Testing Koffee Application Template

mary Dr. Mary - JavaScript (CoffeeScript) BDD in Object-Oriented way.

memo-is Memoization for Mocha/Jasmine specs (like RSpec's #let)

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