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bro Do you even lift?

broccoli-cjs-wrap broccoli filter for wrapping CommonJS modules

broccoli-closure-compiler Minify JavaScript with Closure Compiler

broccoli-coffee CoffeeScript filter for Broccoli

broccoli-ember-script EmberScript filter for Broccoli

broccoli-es6-concatenator ES6 transpiler and concatenator for Broccoli

broccoli-es6-module-filter broccoli filter for es6 modules

broccoli-es6-module-transpiler Broccoli plugin for Square's ES6 Module Transpiler

broccoli-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

broccoli-flatten Flatten file tree for Broccoli

broccoli-globalize-amd Broccoli plugin that exports your module to a global

broccoli-nunjucks Precompile Nunjucks templates

broccoli-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

broccoli-template Generic template filter for Broccoli

broccoli-traceur Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler

broccoli-uglify-js UglifyJS2 filter for Broccoli

broccoli-wrap Wrap filter for Broccoli

browser-build Makes commonjs modules available in the browser via window.require('module-name')

browser-export Sharing of client side and server side code solved once and for all.

browserify browser-side require() the node way

browserify-0.6 browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules

browserify-blented browser-side require() the node way // with useful errors

bsjs OpenSource JavaScript library for Server/Client Env.

buddy A simple build tool for js/css/html projects.

buffered-response Utility library for line-by-line reading from any readable text stream

build-js A JavaScript preprocessor

build-mood Monitor and signal the current build state using sounds

buildfu A collection of CLI web build tools

buildjs JS/CSS files compress/optimizer

buildr The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs

by-write2js A Bystander plugin for writing to JavaScript files.

caffeinated-parameters Handle positional, named, and type-delimited arguments within coffeescript functions.

caffeine Unfancy JavaScript powered by CoffeeScript Caffeine

call call

captcha2 captcha version 2

cardinal Syntax highlights JavaScript code with ANSI colors to be printed to the terminal.

cartero An asset pipeline built on browserify.

cassette-express Punk, carefree Browser-side Javascript Asset Bundling for Express sites

caveman Fast JS template engine

cdajs CDAjs is a stand-alone javascript library for working with Pentaho Community Data Access plugin.

cellular Simple Cellular Automata processing in Javascript for browser and Node.js

ceres.js the javascript library

chainjs Chainjs call each async function step by step, let async function callback fairily.

chalkboard Documentation generator for coffeescript

chaos-monkey-browser A 'chaos monkey'-style mischief maker that operates on the client.

character-parser Parse JavaScript one character at a time to look for snippets in Templates. This is not a validator, it's just designed to allow you to have sections of JavaScript delimited by brackets robustly.

checkma A JavaScript static analyzer.

choreography Pure-Javascript Demo Recorder and Integration Testing Suite

chrome-http implementation of the core node http server for chrome apps

clah Simple Javascript Inheritance by John Resig

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

clean-console Quickly loads remote url in phantomjs to check of JavaScript console errors

clean.js 누구나 참여하고 누구나 읽기 쉬운 소스코드를 작성한다! 오픈소스 JavaScript 라이브러리, clean.js!

clever Node.js library for interacting with the Clever API

clinch YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, well-suited for widgets by small overhead and big app by smart settings

closure-templates Fork of closure-templates that allows installation via NPM.

cloudcms Cloud CMS Module

cloudcms-cli Cloud CMS Command-Line client

cloudcms-server Cloud CMS Application Server Support Module

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

cmdbuild seajs build tool

cobolscript COBOL compiler to JavaScript

coca Appealing JavaScript

coco Unfancy CoffeeScript

code code

codegarage CodeGarage =====================

codemirror In-browser code editing made bearable

coffee-coverage JSCoverage-style instrumentation for CoffeeScript files.

coffee-errors Patches error stack to display correct line numbers. CoffeeScript has built in support for this, but it only works when the script is executed through the `coffee` command. If you are running mocha, node-dev, jasmine or any other method, the functionality isn't on.

coffee-graph CoffeeScript build tool for ordering multi-file dependencies

coffee-script Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-bad Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-browser Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-nightly Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-redux Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-to-typescript Mmm, static types

coffee4clients Extends Express.js such that when a .coffee file is accessed through an express server the response is the compiled javascript instead of the source coffeescript

coffeegrinder Utilities for a CoffeeScript Project

coffeenode-types Sane JavaScript Types FTW

coffeeson Like json, but with coffee script

coffeestack CoffeeScript stack trace converter

coffy-script CoffeeScript with a Y.

coinjar Coinjar API (business and personal) client for node.js

collapsify Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets, images, fonts etc. of an HTML page.

collate a .js/.coffee and .css/.less collater

collide Library for compating style and script resources.

command-buffer Simple command buffer abstraction library written in JavaScript.

commascript CommaScript is a backwards compatible dialect of JavaScript that provides localized static typing in JavaScript while still feeling like JavaScript.

commonkv Commonkv is designed as an API for accessing NOSQL Key,Value stores. It also includes an implementation of the commonkv API to access a simple in memory KV store.

connect-assetmanager Middleware for Connect (node.js) for handling your static assets.

connect-assets-jspaths Helps with getting the paths to your connect-assets javascript files.

connect-bundle Middleware that allows you to configure client-side JavaScript and CSS bundles, and use conditionally based on environment.

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

connect-uglify-js Middleware for Connect to uglify JavaScript files

contracts-js A contract library for JavaScript A Dialect of CoffeeScript with contracts

contracts.js A contract library for JavaScript

controljs JavaScript control base class for both server and client side GUI development. Control is the opposite of templating.

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