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assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js /, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages.

assemble-front-matter Utilities for extracting front matter from source files.

assemble-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-package-manager Utilities for managing packages.

assemble-plugin-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-plugin-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

assemble-yaml Utility library for working with YAML front matter. Works with or without Assemble.

blode A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll.

cabin Simple and extensible static site generator powered by Grunt

caisson Deploy your static website to AWS

draft-dodger Temporarily add jekyll blog drafts to your .gitignore

enfield Jekyll-like blog engine for node.js

generator-jekyll A generator for Yeoman

generator-jekyll-inuit A Jekyll Website with Inuit.css generator for Yeoman

generator-jekyll-rk Jekyll generator for Yeoman.

generator-jekyllized Use Jekyll with Gulp, Yeoman, Bower, Bourbon and so much more!

generator-jekyllrb Supercharge Jekyll development with Yeoman. Yo, Jekyllrb!

generator-lo A Yeoman generator for prototyping static sites with jekyll, grunt, bower and compass

generator-playbook A Yeoman generator for a Jekyll site utilizing thoughtbot's Bourbon toolset.

ghpages-convert A command line tool to convert github page templates to blogs

grunt-assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.

grunt-init-jekyll Initialize new Jekyll projects.

grunt-jekyll A custom grunt.js plugin that executes jekyll compile and/or watch for you

grunt-matter Add, extend, sort or strip YAML front matter. Also has options for populating randomized mock data. This plugin is especially useful for creating test or example templates.

grunt-pages Grunt task to create pages using markdown and templates

gulp-jekyll Compile Jekyll sites with Gulp.

haiku A work in progress, rough around the edges, static site generator

heckle-blog Static blog generator

hubot-github-pages Get info about the GitHub Pages site for a repo.

jekyll-fix-titlecase globs over markdown posts and fixes title casing

jekyll-html-md A small script to help converting jekyll import html files to markdowm

jekyll-inuit-starter A bare-bones starter template of a Jekyll site using Inuit.css

jekyll-tools Making Jekyll even easier and more powerful than it already was, for the ultimate lazy person

jekyll2harp A commandline utility to convert Jekyll posts for use with Harp.

jiffy Make a blog in a jiffy. Jiffy is a static blog generator.

jstatic A simple, easily extensible, static documents generation task for Grunt.

jumbyl post to Tumblr from text files, like Jekyll

kitten Export Octopress blog posts as JSON

lj2jekyll Move your LiveJournal blog to Jekyll.

marlboro A simple static blog generator, based on node.js

md2jekyllhtml Converts GitHub-Flavored Markdown into Jekyll-style HTML

metalsmith An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

nico Nico is a front-end friendly static site generator

noflo-jekyll Reimplementation of the Jekyll static site generator as a flow-based Node.js program

nozzle Simple site generator

poole Easily push a Jekyll based static site to an AWS S3 bucket

taunt Static blog generator, based on Jekyll but minimal set of functionality.

whippet Static website generator

wukong Pluggable static site generator using generators via co and co-ware.

yamlhead Extract YAML headers from random (not really random) files.

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