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generator-websites Yeoman generator for web-web-web-websites

gnome A Simple Embeddable Blog Framework Built on Node.js and Express.js

grunt-dom-munger Read and manipulate HTML with CSS selectors. Ex. read <script> tags from your html. Remove nodes, add nodes, and more.

grunt-durandal Grunt Durandal Builder - Build durandal project using a custom require config and a custom almond

grunt-init-browser Grunt init template for generating and testing multiple versions of a browser script

grunt-jqlint validate JavaScript files with jqlint

grunt-jquery-builder Creates custom builds of jQuery using the jQuery Builder tool.

grunt-jquery-json Grunt plugin that builds and validates a jquery.json package manifest.

grunt-jquerybuilder jQuery custom builds builder

grunt-jquerymanifest Generate jQuery plugin manifest automatically from package.json values

grunt-jquerymobiletransform Grunt task for transforming HTML files with jQuery Mobile

grunt-jquerytransform Grunt task for transforming HTML files with jQuery

grunt-nautilus Build modular javascript applications that make sense

gulp-durandal A gulp plugin for building durandaljs projects.

hashly Renames static files with a hashcode for cache busting

hcrawler a hierachical web crawler with concurrency control and server-side jQuery support

http-request-umd A UMD module that performs HTTP requests

hypher A fast and small hyphenation engine

ipanel Mobile slide panels.

jackbone Give a Backbone to your JQuery Mobile app.

jankquery jankQuery

jayson JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant server and client

jbone Library for DOM manipulation

jcr jQuery Carousel

jcrop JCrop module

jdat A wrapper for an array of models with a JQuery like syntax

jdistiller A page scraping DSL for extracting structured information from unstructured XHTML, built on Node.js and jQuery.

jinja.js Twig/Jinja/JinJS Client-Side Templating + jQuery Plugin

jj A "someone's got to do it" solution to the lack of a jquery plugin/package management system. Similar to Ender, but focuses on jquery.

jkwery Another command-line jQuery

jlivetime jQuery plugin for live timestamps, countdowns, time-ago, and timers

jnode write less, do more nodejs

jparser A jquery-like library for parse html file for server environment

jqasper jQasper is a jQuery proxy for CasperJS. It lets you write jQuery-style DOM manipulations in CasperJS.

jqbrick Bricks for WebApp Directors

jqbuild A command line build tool for jQuery plugins.

JQDeferred jQuery deferreds source and unit tests ported verbatim to nodejs using minimal, automated, code transformation

jqevents jqevents is a node.js event emitter based on jquery events system

jqlint static analysis of jQuery usage

jqNode An easy to use jQuery-esque library for NodeJS

jqpm Package manager for jQuery plugins

jqpm_server jquery plugin maneger server

jqpm_z jquery plugin maneger client

jqstub A simple stub library for jQuery / Zepto objects.

jqtpl A template engine for nodejs, browser and any other javascript environment

jquery JavaScript library for DOM operations

jQuery jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS)

jquery-all-attributes jQuery plugin to override proper $.fn.attr method to return all attributes if no arguments provided.

jquery-apta Unobtrusive scripting adapter for jQuery

jquery-autosize Automatically adjust textarea height based on user input.

jquery-backbone-hookupify Small browserify transform to hook up Backbone with jquery

jquery-bem Lightweight BEM plugin for jQuery

jquery-bgiframe A jQuery plugin that helps ease the pain when having to deal with IE z-index issues.

jquery-bootswatch jQuery bootswatch theme selector.

jquery-browserify jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library, packaged for browserify

jquery-commonjs jQuery enabled for CommonJS inclusion

jquery-component jQuery component. 2.0.9 = 2.1.0-pre :-)

jquery-deparam Inverse of jQuery's $.param method to convert a querystring into a javascript object

jquery-dom Wrapper on jsdom that includes jquery libary and promises

jquery-drive A jQuery plugin to construct the DOM using basic jQuery selectors.

jquery-element-diff jQuery plugin that generates JavaScript code to arrange element to be same.

jquery-empty-or-whitespace jquery plugin that adds a CSS class to elements that are empty or contain only whitespace.

jquery-evergreen Small and fast DOM and event library for modern browsers. It has the same familiar API as jQuery, and is lean & mean with small, optional modules.

jquery-extend jQuery.extend function; plain and simple

jquery-file-upload-middleware jQuery-File-Upload Express.js Middleware

jquery-hammerjs A javascript library for multi-touch gestures

jquery-imacros loads jquery for use in iMacros for Firefox javascript scripts'

jquery-keyfilter Simple jquery keyfilter plugin

jquery-latest jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS)

jquery-lineup Just fix heights of the cols in the same row.

jquery-loader jQuery loader for node.js

jquery-lottery Simple lottery fun

jquery-megamask jQuery plugin for masking inputs

jquery-mousewheel A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.

jquery-node-browserify jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS and Browserify)

jquery-nor-rest jQuery REST client plugin for Sendanor REST APIs

jquery-placeholder A jQuery plugin that enables HTML5 placeholder behavior for browsers that aren’t trying hard enough yet

jquery-placeholder-text Placeholder attribute polyfill for shitty browsers

jquery-placeholdize simulates the HTML5 'placeholder' attribute for legacy browsers

jquery-postcodes Add UK address lookups with a simple postcode input field on any web form with the API. Ideal Postcodes uses Royal Mail's addressing database, the Postcode Address File (PAF).

jquery-rss An easy-to-use rss plugin for jquery with templating.

jquery-scrollto Smooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element

jquery-selectorator jQuery plugin that returns simplest selector of elements.

jquery-simulate-ext jQuery Simulate - extended. Simulating complex user interaction based on the jQuery Simulate plugin.

jquery-slider jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin.

jquery-slidescrollpanel Create sliding scroll panels that slide in by touch, trackpad and scrolling

jquery-substitute Recursively replace a string of text throughout a document's DOM

jquery-tiny-lightbox Lightweight lightbox clone for jQuery with different animations and slideshow mode.

jquery-ui-maps The Google Map version 3 plugin for jQuery and jQM takes away some of the head aches from working with the Google Map API. Instead of having to use Google event listeners for simple events like click, you can use jQuery click events on the map and markers

jquery-with-migrate Latest jQuery (currently 2.0.0b2) with jQuery-Migrate plugin wrapped for Node.js and a browser (window globals, Browserify or AMD)

jquery-xpath jQuery plugin for querying XML and HTML documents with XPath 2.0

jquery-zload Blazing fast jQuery plugin for lazy loading background images. Circular progress indicators.

jquery.fileapi jQuery plugin for FileAPI (multiupload, image upload, crop, resize and etc.)

jquery.finger jQuery Finger unifies click and touch events by removing the 300ms delay on touch devices. It also provide a common set of events to handle basic gestures such as drag and pinch. Small (< 1kb gzipped), it is focused on performance, is well tested and ... also supports jQuery delegated events.

jquery.flash flash embedding for jQuery

jquery.modal Simple jQuery modal dialog.

jquery.mousewheel A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.

jquery.runner A simple runner/stopwatch jQuery plugin for counting time up and down.

jquery.transit Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery

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