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git-chrome-local-db A git db implementation using

git-fs-db A js-git interface adapter that implements db using fs.

git-indexeddb A indexedDB db for js-git.

git-localdb A localStorage db for js-git.

git-memdb An in-memory js-git database.

git-net JS-Git adapter to create remote instances from urls and platforms.

git-node A convenience wrapper for js-git preconfigured for node.js

git-node-platform A js-git platform implementation for node.js

git-pack-codec Encoder and Decoder for gitfile streams for js-git.

git-publish-http A helper for using git-publisher in an HTTP server.

git-publisher A js-git addon that makes it easy to publish repos.

git-repo A local git repository using any pluggable backend.

git-sha1 A pure JS SHA1 implementation created for js-git.

js-git Git Implemented in JavaScript

js-git-node-platform Platform for js-git to run on node.js

js-github An implementation of the js-git interface that mounts a live github repo.

jsgit A command-line git client powered by js-git and node.js

jsgit-pull A simple-stream transform that implements the git pull protocol over a socket.

min-fs A node.js implementation of the min-stream and continuable based fs interface for js-git.

min-tcp A min-stream tcp interface for js-git and node.js

simple-fs A node.js implementation of the simple-stream and continuable based fs interface for js-git.

simple-tcp A simple-streams based interface for TCP

websocket-tcp-client A js-git tcp interface implementation that uses a server-side websocket to tcp proxy

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