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grunt-setup Quickly start a sass & backbone project with grunt & bower.

grunt-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

grunt-stylus-deps Generates dependency tree for Stylus files.

grunt-testacular A grunt wrapper for running tests with testacular.

grunt-timestamp Add timestamp to avoid the cache. (.js/.css files)

grunt-usemin2 An alternative to grunt-usemin.

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

gulp-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

gulp-esformatter Beautify JavaScript code with esformatter

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

gulp-file-to-js Gulp plugin to convert a file into a JavaScript represention.

gulp-js2coffee gulp plugin to convert js to coffee

gulp-jscs Check JavaScript code style with jscs

gulp-jsmin minify js using gulp

gulp-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

gulp-resolve-dependencies Resolve dependency directives in assets (e.g. "@requires" or "//= require" in JavaScript)

gulp-rev-hash Appends a file's hash to a file URL to cache assets in any file (html, templates)

gulp-rev-mtime Appends a file's modified UNIX timestamp to a file URL to cache assets

gulp-sitemap Generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml using a Gulp stream

gulp-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

gulp-todo Generate a file from your javascript todos and fixmes

gulp-vhash Asset versioning (for caching optimization)

hamlify Haml-coffee precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

hbsfy Handlebars precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

headrest A restful, CORS enabled development server - for clicking around front end Javascript projects.

hella tbd

hi-mixin Makes it easy to define mixins that can be added to your classes

html-browserify Makes HTML files usuable as modules in Browserify

httpls Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS

huddle Pack and compress CSS and Javascript from an HTML file

hydro-class A powerful, full-featured class system for JavaScript.

hydro-mixin A powerful, full-featured mixins for JavaScript. Inspired by Ember.

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

icsify browserify v2 plugin for iced-coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .iced files

identify-resource Resolves the file paths to js, css, and html dependencies

iface Interface realisation from OOP world for JavaScript

important add static file a concat syntax.

include.js a node based JavaScript preprocessor

incodoc Invert markdown annotated source code to code describing markdown documentation

infuse Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

inline-source Inline all flagged js & css source files

inlineresources Inlines stylesheets, images, fonts and scripts in HTML documents.

is-arguments Is this an arguments object? It's a harder question than you think.

j-sql transform js object or json to sql select or update

jassi Jassi is a JSON data validator.

jik use css selectors to grep your JS codebase

jock Jock is a sync execution chain based FSM.

joopl-analyzer Analyzes jOOPL-based OOP JavaScript and creates a dependency map which is used to asynchronously-load dependencies behind the scenes!

jpeg-js A pure javascript JPEG encoder and decoder

jpp Browserify v2 plugin for cpp like preprocessing.

js_scaffold The JS_Scaffold is easy make to javascript module for Node.js, JavaScript.

js-complexity-viz Javascript complexity tool

js-crypto-lib javascript encryption library and wrapper for RSA and AES including Open SSH compatible keygen

js-json-schema create json schema from javascript configuration

js-pipeline roots extension for handling js production builds

js-to-java easy way to wrap js object to java object

js-to-lua This project compiles JavaScript to Lua 5.1 source code, and uses a small runtime library.

js-tokens A regex that tokenizes JavaScript.

js-type JavaScript Type-String

js2xmlparser Parses JavaScript objects into XML

js2xmlparser2 Parses JavaScript objects into XML. This is a fork of the original js2xmlparser, with some additional features

jsc Javascript complexity tool

jsfu Improve your Javascript fu with language extensions

jshinter wrapper around JSHint that lets you call it from Node.

jsmartier js implemention of smarty

json-store Simple json db for node

jsph use php/asp tags with javascript language to produce output from templates

jstools JavaScript tools

jsutils Utilities for JavaScript.

jsxlsx_async a simple javascript libray to read xlsx file asynchronously

jszlib deflate implemented in pure js.

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-cli The Karma command line interface.

kombiner Library to combine multiple files to a single endpoint, serving a single file.

komponent A base class for JavaScript components and a generator for component scaffolding.

kraken-js An express-based Node.js web application bootstrapping module.

lasso-node JavaScript widget and page unit testing with on the fly instrumentation

lefnire lefnire.js implements lefnire in Node.js. It builds upon the current genetic code version.

lilt for fe

livedemo Turn highlighted HTML, CSS and JavaScript <code> snippets into live demos

liveify browserify v2 plugin for LiveScript with support for mixed .js and .ls files

madify madify ======

magicproxy Http proxy for clientside web development

masher asset util

mate A library that extends native JavaScript / CoffeeScript.

minassic Easy asset optimization without disturbing the development workflow.

minify Minifier of js, css, html and img

mixr Mixr, is a compiler (Express compatible) and pre-processor for your Javascript and CSS.

mobilize Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets and images of an HTML page.

mocks Set of mock modules for easy testing (fs, http)

munch Munch.js is a utility that rewrites classes and ids in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files in order to save precious bytes and obfuscate your code.

munch-jquery jQuery parser for munch.js

nanobar Very lightweight js progress bars (for browsers)

node-assets-embed Embed HTML assets (js/css) in the document

node-bot Fast and Real-time extraction of web pages information using node-dom (html,text,etc) based on given criterias

node-dom Javascript fast W3C DOM generation.

node-find-files A Node Module for finding files by attributes. Originally developed to find files modified since a particular date.

node-gadgets Real-time extraction from web pages of HTML gadgets and associated properties using node-dom based on given criterias

node-http-server A very simple and fast http server for node, bash, and spawnable from C, Python etc. It is lightweight and great for embedded solutions as well as everyday development or public facing apps.

node-join A module to join multiple files and minify them

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