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anvil.jshint JSHint plugin for anvil.js

autolint Autolint watches your files for jslint-errors.

bbjshint Run JSLint on BBEdit's frontmost text document.

broccoli-eslint broccoli filter that runs eslint

build-jshint Helper for running JSHint on files and directories

docpad-plugin-jshint JSHint plugin for docpad

eslint-grunt Validate files with ESLint – a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript, with pluggable rules.

express-jslint-reporter Express middleware to render jslint errors.

fis-lint-jshint A lint plugin for fis to validate js file.

fixmyjs Automatically fixes your JavaScript based on lint rules

generator-linters Yeoman generator generator for JavaScript linters and other code quality tools configurations.

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

globals Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments

grunt-anylint Validate (set of) files over custom rules

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-code-quality-report Grunt code quality reporter

grunt-eslint Validate files with ESLint - A tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript

grunt-fixmyjs Automatically fix JavaScript lint errors.

grunt-init-pack grunt-init template to create a project that has Node package and optionally Bower, Component, Jam and/or UMD package. Includes jshint, mocha+chai tests, jsdoc (optionally).

grunt-jshint-solid Analyzes your .jshintrc settings file to see how strict they are

grunt-jshint2 A JSHint task with caching and asynchonous linting.

grunt-lint-inline Grunt task for linting inline javascript

grunt-linter Validates JavaScript files with JSLint or JSHint

grunt-nautilus Build modular javascript applications that make sense

gulp-developerconsole A Gulp plugin that injects a console presenting test results into the main page.

gulp-hint-not Gulp plugin for removing jshint comment directives from source code.

gulp-plato Generate complexity analysis reports

hint-hint A module to produce TAP output for JSHint.

jshint-checkstyle-file-reporter JSHint checkstyle reporter which outputs to a file

jshint-globals Use predefined grunt-contrib-jshint globals

jshint-groups jshint wrapper which allows check different files by using different options

jshint-growl-reporter Growl reporter for JSHint

jshint-jenkins-checkstyle-reporter JSHint reporter with better support for Jenkins Checkstyle plugin

jshint-jenkins-violations-reporter JSHint reporter with better support for Jenkins Violations plugin

jshint-json JSON reporter for JSHint

jshint-jsx Wrapper for JSHint that provides nice support for JSX files.

jshint-junit-reporter A JSHint reporter for jUnit.

jshint-log-reporter JSHint reporter intended for logging errors into a logfile instead of command line output.

jshint-nice-reporter Colored jshint reporter

jshint-path-reporter JSHint reporter that displays absolute path with row/column on one line

jshint-runner Command-line runner for JSHint (

jshint-solid Tells how solid your jshint settings are

jshint-spiffy-reporter A spiffy JSHint reporter

jshint-stylish Stylish reporter for JSHint

jshint-stylish-ex Stylish reporter for JSHint with styling options

jshint-stylish-lane Stylish reporter for JSHint Custom for Lane

jshint-summary JSHint reporter based on Stylish with configurable colours

jshint-table-reporter jshint table reporter

jshint-tap-simple tap output for jshint

jshint-teamcity JSHint TeamCity Reporter which group by files using TeamCity Test Suite

jshint-teamcity-reporter A teamcity reporter for jsHint

jshinter wrapper around JSHint that lets you call it from Node.

jshintrunner run the node module jshint recursively on a number of directories and files

json-san A JSON module with Actually Useful parse errors by jshint, *and* support for callbacks! But mostly the parse errors.

jsxhint Wrapper for JSHint to allow hinting of JSX files

karma-jshint Kind of a Karma plugin. Let JSHint _do_ your code and enjoy the ride...

karma-jshint-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Check Syntax of JavaScript using JSHint.

lazie NodeJS module that install my scripts JSHint and EditorConfig in some folder.

lintall Run JSHint programmatically

lintroller Lint your JavaScript and HTML code and output errors to a log file. Convenient for pre-commit hooks and build systems to maintain code quality.

mimosa-eslint A ESLint module for Mimosa

mimosa-jshint A JSHint module for Mimosa

mkjs Create a JavaScript file with the IIFE / 'use strict'; boilerplate.

mocha-jshint run JSHint as mocha tests

nlint Full project linting.

nococohint Tool for assembling Istanbul, JSHint & Mocha reports together.

node.f2ehint custom css/js hint

node.jshit jshint ext

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers

simplebuild-jshint A simple library for automating JSHint

smpl-build-test Collection of testing scripts for node/browser projects

svn-jshint jshint svn diff

xlint Powerful CLI for any lint (JSLint/JSHint +) solution.

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