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amd-plugins A handy collection of AMD plugins.

ast-match Match AST nodes using JSON Schema.

auto-crud A simple tool for automatically generating REST APIs with json schemas and mongodb.

bmrest REST framework over express

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

brest REST framework over express

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

bullhorn-js A client-side library for global topic-based messaging.

chai-json-schema Chai plugin for JSON Schema v4

grunt-tv4 Validate values against json-schema v4

json-api-schema JSON Api Schema is a JSON dialect that can describe any Web Based API that uses JSON to exchange data.

json-schema-filter Filters (removes) objects from document based on passed json-schema

json-schema-mapper A json-schema mapper

json-schema-orm Object-relational mapping from JSON Schema

json-schema-processor Mocking for the Limbo POC

json-schemer A JSON Schema validator and processor.

jsonary Jsonary - use JSON Schema in your client

jsonschema-mapper A json-schema to ORM mapper

kcauchy-tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript

mschema A schema language for defining the structure of JSON data

my-json Using MySQL databases as JSON stores

node-document-validator-jsonschema Validator adapter `json-schema` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

norq A loosely-ordered random-access queue for JSON documents implemented with Node.js and Redis.

package.json-schema JSON Schema for node/npm package.json

plexus-form A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema.

plexus-validate A simple validator for a subset of JSON-Schema. validate documents against using json-schema

schematic-js A library that provides JSON schema model validation and hardening.

tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript

tv4-reporter Report Tiny Validator tv4 results in usable formats

typing A type checking and JSON schema validation library

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