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fsj Convert a file tree to a json blob

fsjson JSON/JS files on the file system

fson fson ====

funcserialize A module to take a function and convert it into an object. And then, with the same object, convert it back into a function. The object is suitable for conversion to JSON via `JSON.stringify`.

funnel Funnel metrics from various sources into StatsD

futon command line futon

fzk-json-formatter A simple json formatter conforming to my style.

gadget Gadget - Snap together HTML5 Applications

gatekeeper multi purpose data validation library

gchempaint2json convert gchempaint files to a JSON representation

geojson-stream stream features into and out of geojson

get-json-hq wrapper for getting json with hyperquest

get-telehash Telehash

getbypath Get data from a JSON object by path.

getjson Simply make a request to a JSON service

gist-files-content Given JSON returned by a github containing particular gist information it returns its files content.

gitana Cloud CMS Gitana Driver for Node JS

gj2pg geoJSON to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

glass-script a safe JSON path expression and simple scripting language. Suitable for evaluating untrusted javascript like code in a sandbox.

gofigure Configuration helper for node

grab Makes grabbing values out of complex objects simpler.

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

grabjson Command line utility to get json directly.

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

gray-matter A simple to use and extend front matter library. Supports parsing and extracting YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters.

greatjson JSON.parse replacement with clearer Syntax messages providing location, expected tokens and offending text. Errors are returned, not thrown. By Harald Rudell

grist Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

grunt-angular-settings Read settings.json and create a angular constant for each setting and save them in settings.js file.

grunt-cloudfile-to-vocab Takes vocab data from cloud spreadsheets and renders it into local json files.

grunt-compare-json Compare some JSON files

grunt-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

grunt-convert-json Convert a file to a json file

grunt-cson Grunt task for compiling CSON files to JSON

grunt-css-parse Grunt plugin for css parse (

grunt-exports2json A grunt plugin. convert module.exports to JSON and output.

grunt-extend Extends JavaScript Objects and JSON files with other JSON files, and writes them to a new JSON file.

grunt-fontsmith Grunt plugin for composing SVGs into multiple fonts, a character mapping, and CSS variables

grunt-github-api Query Github's API and save the returned JSON files locally.

grunt-gss Save your Google Spreadsheets as CSV or JSON.

grunt-hanson-plugin Grunt Plugin to convert HanSON files to JSON.

grunt-htmljson JSON file for all yo templates

grunt-i18next-yaml Grunt Plugin for assembling language-separated i18next JSON output files from language-merged YAML input files

grunt-jassi Validate JSON documents with Jassi.

grunt-json-generator Write your json files easily.

grunt-json-htmltemplate Creates a json object out of html templates

grunt-json-massager Modify JSON files with functions.

grunt-json-schema Grunt json-schema validation task

grunt-json-summarizer A grunt task that summarizes specific properties of JSON files into JSON lists.

grunt-json-to-html Grunt plugin for json-to-html

grunt-json2sass Generate SASS vars file out of a JSON

grunt-jsonmin A wrapper for getify/JSON.minify as a grunt task

grunt-markdown-to-json Extract YAML front-matter from Markdown files to a single JSON file

grunt-merge-data Grunt task for merging multiple data into a JSON file or Grunt config

grunt-merge-i18n Merge your json i18n files

grunt-merge-json Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Files

grunt-merge-json-to-js Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Files into a js var

grunt-merge-locale Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Locale Files into one file

grunt-node-sprite-mixings Generator mixings for stylus. Based on lib node-sprites

grunt-php-to-json Convert PHP-array files to JSON-files

grunt-po-json Converts one or more po files to a single json or amd module.

grunt-qettlhup An easy way to run automated browser tests in Sauce Labs

grunt-quote-json Grunt contirb plugin to quote a part of JSON to another

grunt-replace Replace text patterns with applause.

grunt-replace-withinit Replace text patterns with a given replacement.

grunt-resx2json Changing resx files to json

grunt-smartling Upload / download resources and culture files from smartling

grunt-sort-json Alphabetizing JSON files. Sort JSON files.

grunt-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

grunt-svg-data-urls Convert SVGs to data urls with templates to style output file

grunt-sync-version Synchronize version of JSON setting files with Grunt task.

grunt-three-obj [WIP] Grunt tasks for Three OBJ

grunt-togeojson Grunt task for converting KML and GPX files to GeoJSON

grunt-tv4 Validate values against json-schema v4

grunt-unifon Grunt task to unify javascript files, configured by JSON.

grunt-update-json Merge parts from one or more JSON files together. I use `grunt-update-json` to keep my `Bower.json` and `component.json` in sync with `package.json`.

grunt-z-schema Grunt plugin for z-schema, a JSON Schema validator.

gulp-append-data Append content of JSON file as property to currently streamed file

gulp-cson Parse cson with gulp

gulp-cson-safe Parse cson with gulp

gulp-csv2json csv to json using gulp

gulp-json-editor A gulp plugin to edit JSON object

gulp-jsonlint A jsonlint plugin for Gulp

gulp-jsonminify Minifies blocks of JSON-like content into valid JSON by removing all whitespace and comments.

gulp-replace-task Replace text patterns with applause.

gulp-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

gulp-to-json Create json file from sources.

gulp-token-replace A token replace plugin for gulp

gulp-tsv2json tsv to json using gulp

gulp-xls2json xls to json using gulp

gulp-xlsx2json xlsx to json using gulp

gulp-xml2json xml to json using gulp

gutter streaming JSON.stringify() for nested streams

hal-body Parse hal+json body using halson and co-body

halfred parses JSON HAL resources (Hypertext Application Language)

halson The HAL+JSON Resource Object

handlebars-assets An asset inclusion system for handlebars. Allows you to use one or more assets files (yml or json)

hanson HanSON is JSON with multiline strings and comments. Includes parser and converter.

hashjs A library of functions for safely accessing, maniuplating, transforming, traversing and extracting from javascript objects

hastests Interface to the HasTests ConceptScript data generation API

hateoasjs HATEOAS library to help create resources on the Node.js platform

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