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ahr2 An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (http/https) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2). For `npm install ahr2` for Node and `pakmanager build` for Ender / Pakmanager. It should be required as `var request = require('ahr2')`

apiserver A ready to go, modular, JSON(P) API Server.

auto-jsonp express jsonp middleware

bb-iris Cross-domain ajax client which makes use of localStorage if its available. Attempts to use CORS when available with a fallback to jsonp for older browsers

connect-jsonp jsonp middleware for connect

docpad-plugin-feedr Adds support for reading feeds to DocPad

feedr Feedr takes in a remote feed (regardless of format type) and converts it into JSON data

gid Genuine ID Generator

httpclient HTTPClient interface for browsers and Node.js

iris Sweet Promise-based XHR/JSONP library for browsers.

jsendp JSend middleware (with JSON-P) for Connect and Express.

json-transport JSON transport with streaming and JSONP GET/POST support

jsonp-client jsonp minimal client for the browser (1.4K) and Node.js

jsonp-express Simple jsonp responses in express

jsonp-filter JSONP filter for express

jsonp-flickr Access Flickr's API via Jsonp from your browser

jsonp-proxy Convert json output into jsonp output

jsonp-utils jsonp utils for fetching data using jsonp. Accepts a callback or returns a promise

jsonpject Provide a JSONP callback if necessary on a remote loaded script

koa-jsonp JSONP middleware with GET/POST support for koajs

koa-middlewares easy way to require some useful koa middlewares

minotaur Cross browser, long poll server using JSONP communication with clients.

roxy A proxy for JSONP requests to RESTful APIs

rx-dom Library for using DOM elements as well as Ajax requests

scriptjs Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

validate-jsonp Command line utility for validating JSONp documents

xhr-browserify Browserify compatible xhr module with support for jsonp

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