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add-func-name Add temp name to anonymous function for debugging

binary-io.jsx Data serialize/deserialize utility for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

binary-support.jsx Binary support checking utility for JSX

bit-vector.jsx BitVector implementation for JSX/JS/AMD/CommonJS

burrows-wheeler-transform.jsx Burrows Wheeler transform library for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

coffee-jsx-transformer (moved) coffee react jsx support

coffee-react Coffeescript compiler wrapper adding coffee-react-transform CSX support

coffee-react-transform React JSX support for Coffeescript

component-react A plugin to transpile React jsx files for the component builder

connect-jsx Middleware to convert react jsx files to javascript on the fly.

escodegen.jsx escodegen wrapper for JSX

esprima.jsx JSX wrapper for Esprima that is a high performance, standard-compliant ECMAScript parser.

express.jsx JSX wrapper for express

fez-react Transform React JSX using Fez

fm-index.jsx FM-index is the fastest full text search algorithm using a compressed index file. This is FM-index for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.

generator-react-library A generator for React libraries

generator-react-quickstart A generator React apps and libraries

getopt.jsx JSX version of node-getopt

grunt-jsx Gruntfile for JSX

grunt-react Grunt task for compiling Facebook React's JSX templates into JavaScript

grunt-reactjsx Compile Facebook React .jsx templates into .js

gulp-msx Precompiles Mithril views which use JSX into JavaScript, using msx

gulp-react Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

hogan.jsx Hogan templating engine for JSX.

jade-react Compile Jade to React components

jsdoc2jsx JSX wrapper generator from JSDoc Toolkit doc comment

jsduck2jsx Generate JSX wrapper from JSDuck output files

jshint-jsx Wrapper for JSHint that provides nice support for JSX files.

json5x JSON5 for JSX

jsx a faster, safer, easier JavaScript

jsx-init This tool helps creating project scaffolding for JSX.

jsx-linker JSX postprocessor to support various environment

jsx-loader JSX loader for webpack

jsxc Simple JSX command-line tool

jsxhint Wrapper for JSHint to allow hinting of JSX files

jsxx JSX eXperimental

karma-jsx-preprocessor [![Build Status](]( [![Build Status](](

karma-react-jsx-preprocessor A karma preprocessor for compiling React JSX files.

karma-react-jsx-preprocessor-custom A karma preprocessor for compiling React JSX files.

mimosa-react A JSX/React compiler for Mimosa

mincer-jsx JSX engine for Mincer

mizuki.jsx Set of common utilities for JSX

mkdirp.jsx mkdirp for jsx

msx JSX for Mithril

msx-loader MSX loader for webpack

nock.jsx HTTP mock for jsx

node-usage.jsx node-usage can measure cpu, memory, etc. For JSX!!

node-webkit.jsx node-webkit API wrapper for JSX

nodejs.jsx node.js binding for JSX

qt5.jsx Qt API wrapper for JSX

query-parser.jsx Google-ish query string parser for JSX/JS/CommonJS/AMD

react-app Rapid application development with React

react-art React ART is a JavaScript library for drawing vector graphics using [React](

react-brunch Adds React.js support to brunch.

react-kup react-kup is a simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

react-tools A set of complementary tools to React, including the JSX transformer.

reactify browserify v2 plugin for react from Facebook to support jsx

reactiscriptsixify browserify v2 plugin for react from Facebook to support jsx with ecmascript 6

redis.jsx JSX wrapper for Redis node.js driver

remote_address_parser get ip remote address

sencha-touch.jsx Sencha Touch API wrapper for JSX

server-jsx Require and render React's JSX on your node.js server

shutil.jsx High level file/directory operation methods.

snowball-stemmer.jsx This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js. binding for JSX

string_tmpl Super EASY String template for JSX, Template.format("{test1} = {test2}", {"test1" : "abc", "test2" : 123});

sweet-jsx Use JSX compiler from inside Sweet.js macro

typescript-parser.jsx TypeScript parser for JSX

useragent.jsx useragent bindings for JSX.

uuid.jsx The RFC-compliant UUID generator for JSX

wavelet-matrix.jsx WaveletMatrix implementation for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

webworker.jsx WebWorker API wrapper for JSX

xml.jsx XML implementation in JSX

xmlhttprequest.jsx xmlhttprequest module for JSX

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