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aiur-jugglingdb jugglingdb extension for aiur.

azure-tablestorage-jugglingdb azure table storage adapter for jugglingdb ORM

formage Admin GUI addon for mongoose, jugglingdb, or just as a form generator

grunt-juggling Grunt plugin to create jugglingdb database structure and import fixtures.

jugglingdb-cozy-adapter adapter for jugglingdb required by cozy app based on railway

jugglingdb-model-loader An extended JugglingDB Schema class to help with loading model definitions from separate files.

jugglingdb-parse-adapter adapter for jugglingdb to use

models-loader generic models loader for node.

orms Generic ORM models loader for node.

promised-jugglingdb Dual API, promise based version of JugglingDB, the ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, couchdb, postgres, sqlite

resource-juggling Easy REST for JugglingDB ORM and Express

tdp-ah-storage-adapter A caching storage adapter module written in NodeJS which wraps/uses JugglingDB ORM and is built specifically for use with the awesome ActionHeroJS API

thunk-jugglingdb Thunkify jugglingdb for easy use with co

worm Whatever ORM

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