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jungles Jungles Content Management System

jungles-auth-persona Authentication app that uses Mozilla Persona. Can be mounted onto an express.js app.

jungles-auth-simple Simple authorization middleware

jungles-data-memory In memory data layer for Jungles.

jungles-data-postgres Data for Jungles using Postgresql

jungles-errors Middleware for dealing with errors. The reason why this isn't an app you can mount is because apps can't catch errors from other apps (bug?). This also should be last in the Express stack so it can catch 404s.

jungles-helpers Helpers for Jungles

jungles-helpers-frontend Helpers for Jungles

jungles-middleware-frontend Middleware to generate the front-end of Jungles

jungles-middleware-general Reusable route middleware for express.js

jungles-panel Admin panel for Jungles

jungles-rest Rest layer of Jungles

jungles-types Combines the datalayer and validators for jungles

jungles-validation Validation module for jungles

jungles-validators Validators for jungles-validation.

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