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astrolabe Page objects for protractor

component-karma-run Tests a ComponentJS component with Karma

component-test-builder Build testScripts and devScripts with component

generator-angularjs A generator for AngularJS apps

generator-gulp-of-drano Yeoman generator for an angular.js site. CoffeeScript, stylus, jade, gulp.js. Bootstrap, angular-strap, nib, angular-ui-router. Protractor, karma, mocha. Heroku + s3 deployment tasks included.

generator-hyper-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS/Express/node.js apps emphasizing modularity, configuration, and testing

generator-javascript-kata A generator for javascript TDD-katas

generator-karma Yeoman generator for Karma

generator-karma-jquery Yeoman generator for building jQuery plugins with Karma and Jasmine

generator-karma-require Yeoman generator for Karma using RequireJS

generator-ngbp Yeoman generator based on the ngBoilerplate kickstarter, a best-practice boilerplate for scalable Angular projects built on a highly modular, folder-by-feature structure.

generator-simple-angular-app Simple angular app generator

generator-testudo Testudo is a Grunt based boilerplate for the building of modern, modular, testable web applications

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

grunt-karma grunt plugin for karma test runner

grunt-karma-0.9.1 grunt plugin for karma test runner

grunt-karma-coveralls An npm module for using Karma and Coveralls with Grunt

gulp-istanbul-enforcer Plugin for gulp that enforces coverage thresholds from Istanbul

gulp-karma Karma plugin for gulp

hnuserdownload Download all comments/stories for a Hacker News user

hnuserstats Get statistics for comments/stories for a Hacker News user

hubot-karma A simple karam tracking script for hubot.

hubot-plusplus A hubot script for adding or removing points

jstd-shim A jstd shim for executing jstd tests outside the JSTD environment

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-buster-assertions-plugin Karma plugin providing buster-assertions

karma-chai Chai for Karma

karma-chai-backbone A karma plugin adapter for matthijsgroen's chai-backbone

karma-chai-factories Chai Factories plugin for Karma

karma-chai-jquery Chai Jquery for Karma

karma-chai-js-factories chai-js-factories plugin for Karma

karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

karma-chai-sinon Chai + Sinon-Chai + Sinon for Karma

karma-chai-things Chai Things plugin for Karma

karma-cli The Karma command line interface.

karma-cucumber Wrapper around cucumber-js to create a standard runner & reporter for client side testing of multiple features / step definitions

karma-cucumberjs Karma adapter for running Cucumber.js specs

karma-eco-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compile ECO templates on the fly.

karma-environments Run multiple test suites in one karma process.

karma-expect Expect.js adapter for Karma

karma-expectthat.mocha expectThat.mocha for Karma

karma-faker Faker for Karma

karma-growl Growl notification for Karma.

karma-growler-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results with growl (

karma-ievms Karma launcher for ievms virtual machines

karma-ios-launcher Karma launcher for the Xcode iOS Simulator

karma-jasmine-step-definitions step definitions for karma and jasmine

karma-js-factories js-factories for Karma

karma-jshint Kind of a Karma plugin. Let JSHint _do_ your code and enjoy the ride...

karma-jstd-adapter An adapter for karma, so you can run your js-test-driver tests.

karma-must Must.js for Karma

karma-notification_center-reporter A Karma plugin for reporting test results via OSX Notification Center

karma-perftacular Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js & Karma/Testacular

karma-preprocessor-pullscripts Karma preprocessor that downloads JS files from <script> tags from html

karma-proclaim Proclaim assertion library for Karma

karma-react-jsx-preprocessor A karma preprocessor for compiling React JSX files.

karma-react-jsx-preprocessor-custom A karma preprocessor for compiling React JSX files.

karma-referee A Karma plugin for the Referee assertions library

karma-sinon Sinon for Karma

karma-sinon-chai Sinon and Chai for Karma

karma-sinon-chai-raynode Sinon and Chai for Karma

karma-spec-json-reporter A Karma JSON reporter for specs

landuber-karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

maf3-test-runner A BDD test runner integrating Karma with MAF3 applications

mimosa-karma Mimosa module for kicking of your test suite against real browsers - whenever you make changes to your code!

mimosa-karma-enterprise Mimosa module for kicking of your test suite against real browsers - whenever you make changes to your code!

perftacular Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js & Karma/Testacular

spec-detective A cool way to find out if your spec's in feature files and the like have met expectations.

testacular This project has been renamed to Karma.

ziggy-karma karma plugin for ziggy bot

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