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assert-keys assert an object has some keys

deep-has Find and return paths to keys within objects no matter where

deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings

expand-hash Recursively expands hash keys into objects.

fleximap A flexible hash map which supports deep keys.

fn-object map and filter for object's keys and values, and get a modified object

goinstant-rest Client for GoInstant's REST API

grunt-deploy-keys Parse package.json and set deploy-keys for all private bitbucket repos

install-keys Install your ssh pub keys from github.

just.randomstring generate random string for api keys, passwords ...

kb-bindings-ui user interface for kb-bindings

keyname Keyboard event key name utility

keypair Generate a RSA PEM key pair from pure JS

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

keysort Sorts an Array of Objects with SQL ORDER BY clause

lag.keys The lag function keys() as a standalone module.

map-keys Map object keys returning a new object

mapperjs The solution for node.js for migrate data from the old format to the new format data with pre-processing

modifiers Query modifier keys at any time.

nasa-keypath New Age Keypath Traversal Technology.

nodebb-plugin-shortcuts Adds keyboard-shortcuts to NodeBB

object-enhancements Many helpful functions for javascript Object

object-keys An Object.keys replacement, in case Object.keys is not available. From

object-keys-map `` for object keys

object-mapper-stream Map an object against a desired object and apply some transformations in a stream context

oext object extend using Object.keys

omap Maps object key to array of possible keys.

pluck-deep Pluck values of a collection given a dot separated string

pressable Representations of pressable keys that aren't text. These are stored in the Unicode PUA (Private Use Area) code points, 0xE000-0xF8FF.

property-names Get all property names of an object including those in the prototype chain

readline-vim Adds vim bindings to nodejs readline.

redis-scanstreams A streaming interface to the Redis SCAN (SCAN, SSCAN, HSCAN, ZSCAN) commands in Redis 2.8.x+

redis-types Redis type classes: lists, hashes, sets, ...

redis2json Consolidates redis keys data into a solid JavaScript object

rename-keys Modify the names of the own enumerable properties (keys) of an object.

required-keys make sure the desired key value pairs exist in a given object

shortcut Subscribe handlers to keyboard shortcuts

slice-keys Slice keys and values from an object

sorted-object Returns a copy of an object with its keys sorted

sorto Node.js - sorto ================

sortobject Returns a copy of an object, sorted deeply by its keys, without mangling any arrays inside of it

ssh-key-manager manage ssh keys in ~user/.ssh/authorized_keys

ssh-key-widget ssh key management widget

temporelle Create time series keys

trim-keys Keep or remove certain keys from an object.

unik Generate sortable unique IDs

value-for-keypath Get a value from an object from a keypath string supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

zipmap Returns a map with the keys mapped to the corresponding vals.

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