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auto-keywords extract keywords from text

dekeywordify A browserify transform for escaping keyword property names for older JavaScript engines.

doge much package

es-safe-ie Transforms unsafe code to safe code for <IE9

github-natural github text analysis

google-suggest Utility to provide Google suggestions.

gramophone extracts most frequently used keywords and phrases from text

grunt-meta-excel Update meta tags according to .xlsx file.

keyword-extract Extract relevant keywords from a text.

keyword-sphinx API wrapper for the Keyword Sphynx keyword research API

kingman kingman description

matchkeys Package.json utility for matching, comparing or filtering keywords against one or more arrays of keywords.

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

mymodule Description

npm-keyword-search Search multiple keywords

npm-stats Convenience module for getting back data from an NPM registry

sshconf-upsert Upsert hosts into ~/.ssh/config file(s)

user-demo User description

xtc-cli xtc framework command line tool

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