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backbone-redis-store Backbone mod to enable Redis as store

fakedb FakeDB is a tiny document storage module that can be used for small nodejs applications.

kvs Simple key-value store facade for node.

kvs-abstract An abstract helper for all types of KVS backends

kvs-awss3 using Amazon S3 as a KVS

kvs-base KVS is a uniform KeyValueStore with different backends

kvs-file Using the FileSystem for a KVS

kvs-json wraps a KVS to convert stuff to/from JSON

kvs-memcache A simple interface to a MemcacheD that can be used with the KVS API

kvs-segmentname segments the name to a degree transparently

kvs-stagger stagger multiple kvs with differing strategies

kvs-string wraps a KVS to convert stuff to/from Strings

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