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adria Adria to Javascript compiler

amber An implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JS runtime.

amber-cli An implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JS runtime.

arabicstring A Javascript library that extends the native String object with methods to help when dealing with Arabic strings for node and the browser.

arc-js An Arc-langugage interpreter written in JavaScript

bcp47 Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification

bend A statically-typed programming language that compiles into JavaScript

bianca An automated interactive white-box algorithm testing language which compiles down to JSON AST.

blackcoffee CoffeeScript + hygienic macros

breakfast Coffee(script), HAML and a side of SASS.... a single compiler for handling multiple scripting languages.

bright A tiny script language, add async/await support for javascript

bro Do you even lift?

broccoli-esnext to transpiler for Broccoli with esnext

broccoli-iced-coffee IcedCoffeeScript compiler for broccoli

broccoli-livescript LiveScript compiler for Broccoli

broccoli-traceur Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler

broccoli-typescript TypeScript compiler for Broccoli

burr Burr is a Javascript superset that embraces the prototype model while beautifying the syntax (and compiles to plain JS)

caffeine Unfancy JavaScript powered by CoffeeScript Caffeine

catberry-localization Localization module for catberry framework

cirru-interpreter a interpreter for Cirru language

cld A straight port of the CLD (Compact Language Detector) library embedded in Google's Chromium browser. The library detects the language from provided UTF8 text. It's implemented in C++, with very basic Node bindings.

cmudict A node.js wrapper around the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary

cmudict-to-sqlite A utility for parsing the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary into an sqlite database using Node.js. Also included is a helper class for looking up information in the database and manipulating it.

coco Unfancy CoffeeScript

coffee-collider Sound Processing Language for Web Audio

coffee-conf Write your config files in coffee-script.

coffee-errors Patches error stack to display correct line numbers. CoffeeScript has built in support for this, but it only works when the script is executed through the `coffee` command. If you are running mocha, node-dev, jasmine or any other method, the functionality isn't on.

coffee-script Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-bad Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-browser Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-nightly Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-redux Unfancy JavaScript

coffee-script-to-typescript Mmm, static types

coffee-subscript Integration between CoffeeScript and arbitrary DSL-s that compile to JavaScript

coffeegrinder Utilities for a CoffeeScript Project

coffy-script CoffeeScript with a Y. A Dialect of CoffeeScript with contracts

country-lang A node module to test for country/lang.

cozy-script JavaScript for cozy coding

crafity-resources NodeJS module for multilingual resource files

cs2 Unfancy JavaScript

csharp.js using csharp in javascript

czech-stemmer Stemmer for Czech language in Javascript

dabblescript Dabble with JavaScript syntax.

daonode functional logic solver with builtin parser

dbrans-natural General natural language (tokenizing, stemming (English, Russian, Spanish), classification, inflection, phonetics, tfidf, WordNet, jaro-winkler, Levenshtein distance, Dice's Coefficient) facilities for node.

decaf-lisp An insanely ugly dialect of LISP.

def A JavaScript library for creating complex objects and properties, intuitively.

density Calculating keyword density in a text/html

derby-lang A translation library for Derby JS.

derby-lang-fs Filesystem translation loader for Derby Lang.

derby-lang-locale Add supported languages to derby-locale.

derby-lang-session Add session support to derby-lang.

derby-locale-browser Add browser support to derby-locale.

derby-neigh A translation library for Derby JS.

derby-validate-user-lang Add language translation to Derby User validation.

diet-dictionary Translation Engine for Dietjs

ding Digital Language (.ding) parser

distime converts UNIX-Timestamps to strings like '5 days ago' in six languages

docpad-plugin-textile DocPad plugin that adds the ability to render Textile to HTML

dsl Build your own DSL!

dslivescript LiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript. It has a straightforward mapping to JavaScript and allows you to write expressive code devoid of repetitive boilerplate. While LiveScript adds many features to assist in functional style programming, it also has many improvements for object oriented and imperative programming. DS LiveScript adds eventing operations, making observers first-class objects in the language.

dub A dialect of JavaScript for making web apps with minimal effort.

duckdown Simple, lightweight Markdown-like language with extensible grammar.

easy-proxy A Proxy handler maker that drastically simplifies making and using Harmony Proxies by combining traps and normalizing their arguments.

egs Embedded GorillaScript template generator

ember-script Ember-infused CoffeeScript

enamdict Look up Romaji names and correct surname/given name usage.

ep_right_to_left Make the text inside a Pad and Chat go from right to left

express-guess-lang Provides the language accepted by the users browser in the request object

extra-coffee-script eXtraCoffeeScript - CoffeeScript with eXtras: Import, CSON, etc.

flow-script flow programming language interpreter on JS

frisk a lisp, kind of

funql FUNctional Query Language

fwords List of function words for different languages.

gorillascript GorillaScript is a compile-to-JavaScript language designed to empower the user while attempting to prevent some common errors.

grunt-esnext Grunt task to transform to with esnext

grunt-i18next-yaml Grunt Plugin for assembling language-separated i18next JSON output files from language-merged YAML input files

grunt-merge-i18n Merge your json i18n files

grunt-soy-compile Compile Goggle Closure Templates ( SOY ) templates inclding the handling of XLIFF language files. ( Details for SOY: )

gulp-esnext Transform next-generation JavaScript to today's JavaScript

gulp-traceur Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler

haml-coffee Haml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript.

haml-coffee-meteor Haml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript, modified to work with meteor

hanging-gardens A JavaScript project structure for NoRIA webpages.

humanquery Mongoose query language for humans inspired by Lucene Hyphenation language pattern file (be) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (bn) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (ca) for Hypher

hyphenation.cs Hyphenation language pattern file (cs) for Hypher

hyphenation.da Hyphenation language pattern file (da) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (de) for Hypher

hyphenation.el-monoton Hyphenation language pattern file (el-monoton) for Hypher

hyphenation.el-polyton Hyphenation language pattern file (el-polyton) for Hypher

hyphenation.en-gb Hyphenation language pattern file (en-gb) for Hypher

hyphenation.en-us Hyphenation language pattern file (en-us) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (es) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (fi) for Hypher Hyphenation language pattern file (fr) for Hypher

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